Sunday, April 30, 2006

Still Not Working!

Well I have been trying all day to get my photos uploaded so that I could share them with everyone, but photobucket is still not working!

I am getting so frustrated! :( GRRRRRR!

Well, since I don't have that to share, I guess I will actually have to write .... ewwww, how old fashioned? lol ... j/k! :)

Well last night did not turn out to be one of my best days!

Well as you all know I had to work a double, which is fine, I mean I am the one that makes the schedules.

Well Mark and I had an argument, I had too many STUPID customers, there were too many KIDS in the mall without adult supervision and were acting nuts because of it, I got sick and was throwing up and nothing was helping me feel better, i cried because of Mark and I arguing so much this week, he didn't tell me yesterday was his last day in our mall until yesterday when i asked him because I found out elsewhere in the morning, Monday he starts at his temporary store in Harrisburg, Lisa and I had to go to the 2 stores storage shed off the highway and it was dark and scary as all get out!

I think that sums up what all happened last night in my life!

Oh wait ......

I got a thank you card from Tammy for her baby shower and it had baby Talan's picture in it!

I wish I had a scanner so that way I could at least show you his picture!

He was 5 lbs. 8 ozs. 17.75 inches!

And they did find out that he had pneumonia, but Tammy told Lisa that he keeps getting better and is doing fine!

I can not wait to see him and hold him!

Anyhoo, back to Mark .... we had a stupid argument about a few things.

he called me when he got off work, (I got done at my store before him and didn't walk over and say bye because I was so mad .... Lisa and I had even gone to the storage shed before he even called) and he said that we needed to talk and asked if I was by myself and I said yeah, I was getting ready togo in my house.

So I sat on my front porch and talked to him  because I didn't want to wake my dad up because he was sleeping on the living room floor (Lisa waits for me to go in the door before she pulls away so she sat in her car yelling at me to go in the house)

well he started crying and I felt really bad!

he told me some things that made me feel like a horrible person because of the way I have acting lately.

I mean I did not know that this information, therefore I guess I should not be mad at myself!

But he explained himself to me last night and now I know what I know, meaning I have to be more (a lot) more understanding with him!

I cried to Lisa since she was still there, then he called back so I told her to call me when she got home so I could talk to her, but she didn't!

So Mark and I talked for a while, I told him that I was really sorry and that I didn't know what to say, and I felt like even if I did that it might be the wrong things to say so I was therefore speechless!

We both kept apologizing to one another!

I told him to call me after his football game today ... I didn't give him the chance

I woke up at 9:05 am ... his game ends at 9 .... I texted him and asked him how his game was ....

His team won .... 27 to 7 .... I am so happy for him!

He said that he was feeling a little better than last night but he didn't get any good sleep!

I have not talked to him since then!

He said last night that maybe we could do something today, but it looks like we won't because I have to go to Latoya's house soon ....

I have to show her the picture of Tammy's baby and Latoya's daughter wants to see me!

So, I guess that is all I have for now!


therealslimemmy said...

glad the baby is doing well
take a picture of the picture ;)
then load them all when photobucket is cooperating

linnpooh said...

I should have read ahead and I would have known about the baby! :) I'm glad he is getting better, and I will still continue to pray for him. I'm happy for you & Mark and glad you got things clared up between you. I hope things continue to go the way you want them.

Pooh Hugs,