Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Okay I'm not quite sure why I have to have the friends that treat me like crap and I never do anything about it, oh that answers my question .... because I obviously let them, so it's my fault. Anyways, I have to vent about this situation that I have not written anything about it yet in here.

There's this girl named Elizabeth, I met her from work, she works at the store acrossed from my stand. She works at 5~7~9! We became really close friends, in fact I said she was my best friend. We went every where together, we pretty much had the same work schedule, so we were always hanging out before, during, and after work. What I mean by during, is not that I meant that I didn't do my job, just that we would take breaks together, run our errands together so on and so forth. We always went out to eat together, shopping, and even spent our days off together. (EWWWW, this makes me sound gay, but just a little side note: I don't like girls, I AM A GIRL! I just tend to spend alot of time with my friends because I don't have a boyfriend, because I emotionally would not be able to handle it.) I didn't pay close attention to who she really was. I missed all the signals of how things would truly turn out if I kept talking to her. Now comes the horrible part ........ I called her on a sunday, about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I was practically bawling about something (I don't remember what, but I have a good idea), well she was TOTALLY ignoring me, she was talking to her fiance about marinating a steak for him, was not listening to a darn word I said, as I sat there pouring my heart out to her and needing her to listening. Was she? Hell no, not even close to it. A couple weeks before this is when our friendship had starting getting rocky. She would start ignoring me, and interupting me when this other girl (in which by the way, I HATE!), I don't care that they were friends, I'm not that type of person to say, "your either friends with me or them .... and by the way it's me, you just can't talk to them anymore as long as your my friend." I don't do that sh!t, it's for the middle school kids, not us grown a** adults. Well anyways, I'm going to give this other girl a nickname (which half the people in the mall actually do call her, and if you met her you would understand why), I'm going to call her "boobie girl!"(side note: she ALWAYS has her tits hanging out of her shirt, which by the way is very inappropriate to be doing when you work in the mall, or almost anywhere) Well, whenever "boobie girl" comes around, Elizabeth would cut me off, ignore me, walk away, or whatever to turn to "boobie girl"!

I always felt like "Roll out the red carpet, Her comes "BOOOOOOOOOOBIE GIRL"! (sorry I had to do that for laughs, even though it didn't work)

Back to the story, well naturally I got SICK off it. I hated that if it wasn't "boobie girl" then, it was her dogs or fiance if she was home. There were numerous times that I just wanted to hang up on her and not say anything. Well the day finally came, where I couldn't take her shit anymore. It was the day I was practically bawling about something 3-4 weeks ago. When she starting talking to her fiance about making him a steak, I couldn't take it anymore, that was it. I hung the phone up on her.

(Another side note: if she was a TRUE friend she would've called me back.)

Did she call back? What do you think? NO! I sat there, really crying now. I was flaming pissed off. I couldn't (but should've) believe she did that to me. I mean really who does that to their "friend". Maybe that's just it .... maybe I never was her friend. WHATEVER! I DON"T CARE ANYMORE!

So the next day we both opened our stores, I was putting out the jewelry in the rounders, when she yelled over, 'so what happened to your phone last night?' I replied, (not wanting to deal with the situation, so I wasn't sure of what was going to come out of my mouth, until it was out), "It died on me." She states, "Oh I was starting to think you hung up on me." (uh-o, she caught me) Well by the way my phone had 3 bars (full), and 6 bars reception (as high as it gets). So then she kept talking I don't remember about what. I grapped my depoist and put my "be right back" sign up, and I started walking out the kiosk to run my depoist to my Adopt-A-Pagoda store, thinking that if I kept moving she would get the point and SHUT-UP! Man was I wrong, AGAIN! Well, I was about three stores down, and she says, "Hey, wanna run up to Gloria Jeans?" Well I replied (rudely), "I have counts and alot of other things to do today, and you know it takes me all day to do them." (another side note: it takes me like a hour or two (tops) to do the counts) She says, "You're no fun anymore." HA  HA! Time for the perfect comeback NOW Theresa! I came back with, "I know, and it's intended to be that way." GREAT JOB THERESA! Well, my back was turned, but I'm sure she was surprised for me to be acting this way towards her. Well guess what? I can only take so much then I lash back at you. So, we went all this time without talking. Not even saying hi to each other. She had been giving me dirty looks, but I would roll my eyes, turn my back to her and go back to doing my job. ( I know I shouldn't have feed into her stupidness, but oh well) So today, it was a pretty bad morning, but I wasn't going to let it affect my day. Until it happened! Then it became a HORRIBLE day! She comes walking over to the stand, it's about 11:00am, and says, "Look I'm sorry for everything I've done lately. I know I haven't been that great of a freind." (WHOA, your damn right you haven't, but it's toooooooooooooooooo late now) Well, I just stared at her. I wasn't saying I'm sorry for anything, not because I'm stubborn or that I think I don't have to apoligize, it's because if she hadn't acted the way she did, I wouldn't had to have acted the way I did. I'm not sorry for anything I did. So she kept going on about how she knows this isn't an excuse, but she's been going through alot latley (your right that's not an excuse at ALL, because if it as all like that, then how comes, she could la dee da around with "boobie girl" and Paula {her manager, they a** kiss each other, and break so many rules, it's terrible} all the damn time)? Then I told her about the whole I did hang up on her that night, and she was like I knew you did, and I told you I don't know how many times that I hate when people hang up on me, and I told her about how rude she had been to me the past couple months, and about there were about 5 or 6 other times that I wanted to hang up on her, but I didn't, because I was trying to be respectful, even if she couldn't be to me. Well, I told her I couldn't do it anymore, so I hung up. I told her that I said what I said the following day about not having fun, because my job means more to me than getting her a damn gloria jeans chiller. I told her how I felt about the whole "boobie girl" thing, and of course she didn't realize it. Well I'm a very emtional person, so this whole time I was bawling my eyes out in the middle of the mall, as people walk past. So she was like, "Don't cry! I didn't come over here to make you cry." I said, "This has nothing to do with you, I'm not crying because of you, you're not worth it, I'm crying because I'm emtional, and I have alot of other serious things going on right now, and you want to add on to them." Well, to end this whole on going story ( I know your sick of by now). I had a customer, then someone went in her store, so that took me away from that for a minute. Well our customers leave, and she comes back over and I was in the middle of counting a tray (yep, it was count day again), and she interrupted me (like always), and she asked me what time I got off of work and I said "5:30" and she must not have heard me because then she said it again, and again I said, "5:30". She them replies, "Well that's the time I get off too, so do you want to talk about it then?" I was ready to say anything just to get her away from my stand. So I said sure we could talk about it later. Well Kara, one of the part-timers from 5~7~9 (that I hadn't seen in awhile) stopped by and said hi and was asking my advice on something. Well, here comes "Queen Elizabeth," and again I started to feel like I was trash again and Kara starts talking to her and Elizabeth said, "I'm leaving early, but call me when you get off?" HA HA, she must've been practicing to be a stand up comedian with that joke! I looked at her like she had jsust said the dumbest thing ever, and said, "I'll try, but I doubt I will. I have more important things to worry about." FINALLY it was done with her for the day. She walked away and didn't say anything. Kara looked a little confused because I don't think any of the girls over there really knew what was going on between us two. Well, needless to say, I didn't call her tonight. I didn't realize what I was saying when I said that to her, and I didn't realize how mean it was until, I was telling Meggan about it, and she was like, "Oh my god! You said that to her?" I said, (confused), "Yeah!" Meggan replied, "You go girl." Then I realized what I said and how mean it was, which was a hour and a half later. I already deleted her number from my phone, even though I know it by heart. Before I deleted it, I was just going to change the name as, "The Devil's Calling!" But I just deleted it. Well the more I thought about it tonight I was going to put that in there just in case she called me. Even though I knew she wouldn't, and if she did, I would DECLINE her call. She can talk to my voicemail. Or maybe she should've called so I could've ignored her and talked to my cats. Well that was that. And I'm not writing any more because that was long enough and your probably saying, "Damn she just goes on and on, like the energizer bunny."

Good night everyone, and I hope your friends don't treat you like this.

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