Sunday, August 14, 2005

A dedication to someone who has been through thick and thin with me!

I said for the next week I would dedicate an entry everyday to someone who has made a HUGE impact on my life!

Today's entry goes to my dear friend, Lisa!

I met Lisa when I was in high school and her daughter was in the preschool center we had for the students studying "child care" and yes that was ME!

Well we never really talked then, other than, "hi, how are you today." and the rest of the usual things.

Well when I moved home from Flordia, I needed a job obvisously. Some girl I also knew from high school was working at Plumb Gold!

She said they were hiring and gave me and my sister and application!

Finally a month or so later, Tammy called me, asked me to come in for an interview. She gave me a card with a number on it. I had to take AND pass this phone test. After I took the test I was to call the store and let her know I was finished. She said I could take it when I was comfortable taking it.

I went straight home and took the quiz and passed and that's how I got the job that I soon found Lisa working at as well!

Well, I knew I rememebered her from somewhere but couldn't think of where or how until my friend Andrea (that was in child care with me in high school) and told me and I was like, "Oh yeah!" (DUH)

Well we became really close! She was sad when she found out that we wouldn't really see each other because I was becoming the Assistant Manger for Plumb Gold.

Well that didn't mean anything! We started hanging out, outside of work and became REALLY close!

Everytime we go out somebody thinks she's my mom! She is not quite old enough to have a child my age ... unless she had them when she waas around 13 or 14 years old!

Her daughter didn't remember me from school! But 'til this day, her kids love me and I love them dearly!

As a matter of fact her daughter asked me last night if we were all going together to the fair (it's less than a month away). And when I told her I didn't know, because me and her mom would have to have off the same day, she almost starting crying, she said, "Theresa, I want you to come with us all to the fair." I said, "I do too!"

Her son, which is 4, says that I'm his girlfriend. And once he grows up, he's going to make lots of money to get me and his mommy anything we want!

From time to time her kids will call me their mommy! Lisa always says, "YEAH! Take 'em home with you."

Of course she doesn't mean it ... she's just kidding!

Lisa and her family has helped me TREMENDOUSLY throughout all kinds of tough times!

There are WAY to many to list, but one that I will never forget is her taking me, almost a month ago, to say my final goodbye to Alicia!

Lisa, her mom, and Lisa's kids, have seen me go through so much stuff that it's almost unreal!

Her family not only seen me go through it but they've helped me as well!

I wish she had a computer and the internet to see this, but when I told her about how I was dedicating today's journal entry to her last night, she said that she wanted me to print it. I told her that I would be glad to.

She was honored to hear that I was dedicating an entry to her where lots of other people could see, even if she couldn't!

Thanks Lisa & family for helping me through all the times I've had to go through in the past year and some odd months!

And thanks for taking me into your family! It really has made a difference!

I love all of you! You will always hold a very special place in my heart!


linnpooh said...

I'm so very glad you have such a wonderful friend in Lisa. It is a truly special thing when you know you have someone that you can always count on. I'm so glad the family has taken you under their wing to shelter you from the cold and warm your heart with love.
So happy for you!
Pooh Hugs,

firestormkids04 said...

What a nice dedication to your friend and her family!  Thanks for stopping by my journal.  Be blessed. Penny