Thursday, August 4, 2005


Here is what I bought at work today .... they're Italian charms!

I love italian charms! They're so creative .... I have like 5 FULL bracelets!

You can see they link into each other ... there's about 4 in each picture .... the one only has 2 charms, but that's because they're double links, which means 1 charm, but 2 spaces on the bracelet! But there are a total of 3 in here all together, (those are the homer on the couch, twin towers, & I love shopping). Now the twin towers looks a little different from homer & I love shopping, because those 2 are a solid 2 space charms and the twin towers is actually 2 charms but are meant to stay together (you buy it together like that)! You'll see what I mean when you look at the pics. :)

Each bracelet probably adds up to anywhere from $200-$300!

Well I got them when we had a REALLY good sale. I got some the day after christmas, when we were running "buy 1, get 1 FREE!" Yea, we never have buy 1 get one free! Then I got some when we were running a special called buy more save more ... If you buy 1 italian charm ... regular price, buy 2 & they're 20% off each, buy 3 & they're 30% each, buy 4 & they're 40 % each, and buy 5 (or more) & they're 50% off each. And some of these I got on clearance for 50% off each, which I should've got last week when they were 60% off! On top of these sales I still get my 30% off employee discount! SWEET!

Now do you see why I can't stop buying jewelry?


Sorry the pics are blurry ... I hate my webcam! You should've seen what I had to do just to take the pics ...and then to try to make them look as good as possible ... this was the best they would come out.

Hope you enjoy .... see I can do it a interesting entry ... FINALLY!

Although I just wanted to add a update from yesterday's entry ..... if Meggan was a REAL friend, she would've called today .... but did she try to contact me at all today? NOPE! I don't care ... I talked to the girls in at Gordon's and I told them what happened .... they know her (she worked there for like 4 months at christmas time, then she went back to footlocker at park city)! They TOTALLY agree with me about what I did and the way she has been lately .... they've noticed that she thinks everything is ALL about her. Well she must think that I'm kidding about the not talking anymore ... BUT I'M NOT!

I don't need friends that treat me that way! I trying to make my life positive, therefore, I don't need bad influences in it. My parents are enough of a bad influence!

That's about all I have to say for today ... so until next time .......


linnpooh said...

Your bracelet is really cute! I have an Italian charm bracelet, too, but mine is all Disney....I'm a Disney addict!
I'm sorry you are having trouble with your friend, Meggan....maybe with some space & time things will work out. Sometimes, what you think is a problem, turns out to just be a misunderstanding and everything is okay again.
I will keep the sitution in my prayers and hope for the best that things will turn around soon. Until then, try to go on with your life and be happy....always remember that life that every moment is a gift!
Pooh Hugs,

dazeychic said...

Those things are cuuuute! I never thought of buying those before! So cool!!
Sorry about things with your friend...but remember no one is perfect...and friends sometimes do really shitty things. Thats what sucks about being human...we mess up things good!
Good Luck with her and keep your smile on...your better than that!