Sunday, August 21, 2005

My brother comes home!

My brother gets out of lock up next Saturday ... he comes home for good!

He's been in a home (because he's REALLY BAD) for almost a year ...

That's nothing compared to my sister though ...

she was in a home from 14 years old until she was 18 ...

and even then they put her into a rehab...

That's part of why my and my sister NEVER got along ...

But it's not my fault she acted the way she did, but she thought it was ...

I tried to help her, but she never listened to me.

Well I did the same thing for my brother, I tried to keep him from going into a home,

but like my sister, he didn't listen to me either!

Then he got put in a juvenile deliquent (I probably spelled that wrong) home!

Then he said, "Theresa, I should have listened to you!"

I said, "I just hope that you finally learned from all this and when you come home that you REALLY change this time. And not for a day, but  PERMENANTLY! It really makes me hurt and sad to see you like this, and you're only 12, what's going to happen when you're 25? Are you always going to be in jail? I hope not Hunter. It doesn't prove anything good at all! Please just promise me you'll get yourself together!"

He said he would ....

so we will see when he comes home next weekend!

I wish I would've known he was coming home sooner than a week, I would've taken off of work ....

I missed him soooooooo much ....

he's the ONLY family member that actually understands me and talks to me, and doesn't degrade me!

Even though he used to ... my parents used to make him .. and he thought it was alright because they did it .. but that changed when he found out I was moving 1,100 miles away and to come see me he would have to travel 2 days to get to me and 2 days to go back home!

Then I moved back home ... but we've been close ever since I moved to Flordia and moved back home (here in Pennslyvania)

I spoil him alot too! But I can't help it .. he's the only family member that I get along with .. other than my grandma .. but I don't see her that much! (nor get to talk to her)


I missed him so much that I went and bought him a gamecube game and a memory card for the gamecube (which I bought him not this past year, but the year before {2003} for christmas) ... he wanted the game when it came out, but I couldn't see spending $50.00 on it when it was not worth it ...

some of the games are.... this one was cool ... I've even tested it last night .... but it's not worth $50.00 .. I paid $20.00 for it .. and it came with a memory card, plus I bought him another one for $25.00

I even bought him his own body wash .... so he doesn't have to use my "girlie" body wash! (we share a bathroom ... my parents have their own)

I got him the softsoap men's active body wash .. it smells really good ... and he is going to be 13 december 1st, so he needs this stuff ... he already weras deodarant!

It feels like yesterday I was changing his dirty diaper .... (I practically raised my brother, my mom was too busy being sick or being into finding a boyfriend, or being just plain LAZY ....  and my sister {which is 3 years older than me} NEVER wanted to help with him until he was 2)

Oh My Gosh ... my brother is going to be a teenager in 3 1/2 months ...

I really am getting old! (j/k)

I'll be 21 a week after him ... (december 8 to be exact)!

I just can not wait for him to come home!

FINALLY I'll have a family member in my life!

Even though he irritates me some times by waking me up at butt crack of dawn playing his video games ... and he doesn't want to turn it down or wait until a decent, respectful time to play!

But other than that I love him to death!

I can't expect a perfect relationship with any family member ...

but compared to the rest of my family .... He is perfect!

I love him soooooooooooooooo much!

(I know I already said that I don't know how many times)

Well I better get ready for bed  ... I have to open tomorrow and do a FULL STORE COUNT!

Which by the way .. they e-mailed us at the store and said now we also have to count gold rings and birthstone jewelry .. we might as well just count EVERYTHING and get it over with (it is after all called a full store count) ...

The only things we don't count are stainless steel jewelry and Italian charms!

We count everything else ...

which I think now comes out to about 15 counts I have to do EVERY monday morning ...

I hope they give us some slack at christmas tme like they did last year

(even though they only gave us slack in december ... we still had to count in november .... just not december .. the only count we did in decmeber was $149 + twice a day, and every gold chain on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, and diamonds we also did on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays!)


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linnpooh said...

I'm so glad you have your brother back in your life....I'm so happy for you. I willl pray that everything with him continues in a positive direction. Your life will continue to get better, too...I have faith enough for both of us.

I've fallen behind in journals the past couple of days and now, I'm gonna get further behind. I just wanted you to know that I may check e-mail, but I'm gonna be gone from journaling for a few days. My Mandy is very sick and my hubby went to get her & bring her home for a few days so I can watch over & take care of her. She is having Kidney problems and I'm very worried about her. Keep her in your prayers.

So...even though I'm gone, you will be never be far from my thoughts...I'll catch up on your life in a few days.

Love & Pooh Hugs,