Thursday, August 25, 2005

I might be leaving this crappy state! FIANLLY AGAIN!

Well I might be moving!

And when I move I might move out of state (again)!

I might move to South Carolina or Gerogia!

Or I might just stay here!

My friend Julie needs help getting her life back together and getting her feet back on the ground!

Julie is Alicia's (the one who passed away last month)

I know that Alicia would want this too!

She wanted me to move in with them before ... and my family actually wanted me to move home and wouldn't have it any other way!

It wasn't because they wanted me here ... it was because that wanted my money!

Since I've been here I've been depressed ... I'm never really happy!

I don't really have good days anymore!

I think this is affecting me at work!

Well anyways, Julie and I talked for about 4 hours (the time that I left my phone upstairs, I was on the computer talking to her, so I had no desire to go get my phone)

She was telling me how her and her girlfriend just broke up (which they were only together for about 3 weeks, she knew her for years though) She might have started going out with her before Alicia passed away ... I can't remember!

So she's moving in with her sister!

She's living in georgia right now and has been since about a month before Alicia passed away! But when she moves with her sister, she'll be living in south carolina!

Well, she said no one really wants to help her get herself together (family wise)

I told her I understood ... I mean look at my family!

So I told her that if she could get a job (steady income, even if it's mcdonalds) and saves up some money we can get an apartment together!

I thought she was going to have a heart attack when I offered this!

She said that it would be "GREAT!"

So I told her I can either move down there or she can come up here! I would leave it up to her!

I've always wanted to live down south!

That's where I want to spend the rest of my life!

I lived in Flordia for 9 months (july/03-april/04) ... and I had NO family down there (or friends) and it was like $1,200 a month for rent for an apartment ...  I had to come back home .. I couldn't afford it by myself!

Well I decided if I move somewhere, where the rent is about the same as here ... I can do it!

I want to be able to do it!

And if I keep thinking positive I will!

So keep your fingers crossed .... I want to move from here ... I hate this city, and I REALLY hate this state!

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linnpooh said...

I hope that this move can materialize if it's something you really want. You are can do it!! I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer that everything will work out.

Pooh Hugs,