Saturday, August 13, 2005

It's official!

Well today my regional manager visited our store. She said we were getting a name change ..... I said, "yeah, I figured. I got a phone call yesterday from ____________ ."(the people that make our kiosk) She said, "Yeah, I got a phone call after I left her yesterday."  When she came with our director of stores!

So my regional said that most likely we won't be getting a new kiosk, just repairs and a name change! But with the name change, our business will increase dramtically! Because of people knowing the name "pagoda" and not that "plumb gold" is the same. Now with "pagoda" in our name people will know who we are and we'll do better in business all around .... especially in piercings!


I also was thinking while I was at work today! This WHOLE week, I will dedicate one entry to one person who has made a difference in my life, whether it be online or in person!

(click here for today's dedication)

Then starting in September, I will recognize somebody every week, that has done something incredible for me.

Well I can't keep my eyes open much longer ... GOTTA GET SLEEP!


nremt8527mla said...

hi there,
i think its great that you guys are getting your upgrade. hopefully it will do what you want it o do and make the buss. better. it seems like lots of good things are happing to you right now and thats great. you sound like you deserve them.
just one comment it you dont mind about honoring the people who have a made a differance in your life. plase dont forget one very important person.YOU. no matter what anyone does for you  or to you. you are the one. who has to make it happen no one can do that for you. i know a lot of people who are in the situation that you describe in your journal. and they find all kinds of ways to deal with it. most not in a good way. you have managed to keep your head on straight . or at least it would seem that way. dont ever lose sight of what you have done. and keep moving in that direction. i will tell you the same thing i told my son who is 18 when he graduated high school.  dont let anyone change the direction you are headed in. not your parents, friends or anyone one else. you are a very special person who is meant to do a great deal in this world. well i will stop  now. look forward to hearing how your life deveolps int the future.

linnpooh said...

That's a great idea, Theresa....and I'm sure it will make people happy to know they have helped you. It did me...and I was honored & humbled to be the first one! :)

So great about the change in the store name....hope it really brings the change there that you wish to see.

Sorry I was behind in journal reading, I've had a sinus headache the last couple of days so all I could stand to look at the PC was just long enough to do my journal. I'm just getting to everyone's last 2 days's a lot of reading!!! LOL! I always get nasty headaches when it's going to rain....I have since I was about 14 or so. My family uses me as a rain detector! (hehe) Soon as the storm comes and passes by *Poof* headache goes with it! Weird, huh?

Hope you have a magical day....don't forget you matter!
Pooh Hugs,
P.S................I just find my Poohs & graphics by surfing around the net for them, a lot of sites allow you to use them, some don't. Feel free to lift anything you want from mine!