Saturday, August 6, 2005

No Sleep!!!!!

I'm sooooooooooooo tired ... Ever since my friend Alicia past away 2 weeks ago, I only get like 2 or 3 hours sleep everynight. I even tried sleeping on the couch last night, but that didn't work, it might have if midnight wasn't in heat and trying to get all the male cats to please her. She meowed all night, then when they would come to her, she would get pissed off at them and make a lot of noise. The dogs were no help either. My mom came downstairs and woke me up from being loud.

I just want to sleep one whole night through .... heck I even took my cartlidge earrings out last night so that wouldn't bother me ... even though I shouldn't have because those holes grow closed faster .... and I've had them done for over a year ... but all that matters is it didn't bother me and it didn't close.

Well I'm off to work now ..... I'll try to write more later when I get home from work!

Have a great saturday everyone!

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linnpooh said...

Hi Theresa,
I'm sorry you aren't sleeping, but it is very understandable considering the loss of Alicia. Sometimes, after we go through something that is extremely stressful & life changing, we suffer what is called "Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome". It may be that even though you were very sad and grief stricken, you weren't really able to fully express your mixed feelings of loss of & anger at her. Those are both powerful emotions and at some point, you have to deal with them or they will continue to cause you upset in your life. I know you said you can't talk with your Mom, but is there anyone else like a Pastor, counselor, or such? You are a beautiful young woman with so much to offer life & those around you, I would hate to think of you not living it to the fullest. You need is the one chance we have every day to free ourselves from worry & negative feelings. It is a time to renew our mind, body, and spirit so we are able to face another day with grace. Promise me you will find someone to talk with about the sad circumstances that surrounded the death of your has affected you in more ways than you could even imagine. I'll be keeping you close in thought & prayer......
Pooh Hugs,