Thursday, September 1, 2005

Lies, one after another!

So Tammy called me today to touch base with me since I was off the past 2 days and she had off today!

And well she told me that Michelle lied about the whole rehab thing!

She wasn't even in a rehab!

She told Tammy she was at the doctor's for something ... which no one now believes!

Because of 2 reasons:

First of all because she's lied about all kinds of things since she started there!

And second, becuase she supposedly wanted to keep her job here so bad becuase she really did like it, so she was told that if she was at any kind of doctor's that all she had to do was bring in signed papers stating she was there!

And she didn't ... she just came in yesterday to turn in her keys and pick up her check!

Well after all that, I'm pissed because I was worried and I was praying everything was ok and it turned out she LIED!

I HATE dishonest people!

There's no need to lie!

So here is two things to keep in mind:

Communication is the key to a relationship, but honesty is the best policy!

Sorry everyone, but I had to release my anger!

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linnpooh said...

There is no need to apologize for being angry about Michelle lying to you. You feel like you have been violated....I know. I have someone in my life that lied to me for over two years about having cancer. I'm not sure why people feel the need to lie, but I do know the bitterness that it leaves with their victims. The good news is that there are many more people in life that teach us that trusting & helping people is still the right thing to do. You are a very caring, giving, young woman, Theresa....don't waste another moment of your life letting her matter.

Pooh Hugs,