Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Store name change and the fair!

So tomorrow I have to be at the store at 7:00am!

I forgot to take my camera to work today to take pictures .... so I'm taking it with me tomorrow and I'll take pictures before they get there!

The once they're all done changing the name ... I'll take more ....

Now because I'm not fortunate enough to have a digital camera, I won't be able to post until I get them developed!

I hope it will not take too long because I'm so excited for everyone to see!

(the idea, {I didn't think such a good idea up myself} was given to me by dazeychic over at ... which btw is a GREAT journal!)

Then my regional also said she was taking before and after pictures herself!

My store is where my regional manager started out at! Yep, before she was the big boss!

So she's a little sentimental about my store!

Well anyways, I'm excited about the name change, but not the fact that I have to be there at 7 in the morning to just sit there for 2 1/2 hours and do NOTHING, but watch these people change a few signs!

How boring, I'm going to be sitting there twidling my fingers and yawning, becuase as soon as I'm done writing this, I'm in bed, I have to be up at 5:00am!

Yeah and I know I'll lay up there for 3 hours before I fall asleep, but I'm going to try!

Because after I get off of work, I'm going to the fair!


Back up, Here comes Theresa! Roll out the red carpet! (j/k I had to get everyone that is reading this to laugh)

I'm so excited for tomorrow that I know that's also going to hold me back from sleeping!

A good thing happened ....... checks came in a let's say .... the fair will be NO sweat to spend LOADS of money at!

::::::sighs with a HUGE grin:::::::::::

Yep, I got a raise and they gave it o use for the past 2 weeks instead of one and I got overtime and holiday pay and I also got end-of-the-year bonus!

Yep, for making the store's year I got like $450 .... after taxes not so much but it's still a couple hundred that wasn't counted!

So I got a GOOD paycheck AND a bonus!

More money for the hurrican katrina victims too!

Which btw, all the managers in our region have a conference call every other monday night with our regional .... and on the conference call they had some #'s for us as far as stores and employees affected by katrina .... 31 stores total and one employee which has not been found ... I almost started crying when I found out that one of my co-workers (that I don't even know, or even met) is missing! I hope they find the employee .... please pray for their return! Zales corporation (the company that owns my store) seems to be REALLY concerned about the employees affected by this, and not the stores, which we haven't heard a thing about the stores, just the employees! I hope all turns out well! Please keep them in your prayers!

I think I really should be going to bed now, but I thought I would update (or should I say remind) everyone of all the happenings!

Good Night! Have a great day tomorrow (I won't be home until LATE, so I won't get to write probably tomorrow because I have to open on friday)


linnpooh said...

Congratulations on your raise and great check....good for you!  You know what? I  never knew Zales owned your learn something new everyday. We don't have a PP in any nearby malls that I know fact I had never heard of them until I started reading your journal. We do have a Zales though! It's kind of interesting that one is here without the maybe someday PP will come in! Thanks for the education, Theresa! :)

Pooh Hugs,

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