Sunday, September 4, 2005

Watching Hurricane Katrina

Well today was the first time I actually got to see Hurricane Katrina on t.v.

It was so sad!

Seeing all those people crowded in one spot, people dying, losing freinds and family members, losing their homes, jobs, cars, anything and everything!


So here are a few questions that are brewing in my head:


Where do they begin their lives over again?

How long will it take for them to be settled somewhere comfortably?

Can they even afford it?

Will people steal donations like they did for 9/11 victims?

Will hackers steal my donation? (which is my reason on not donating online yet ... I'm waiting to see something in person)

Will they rebuild this town (new orleans) for it to happen again in another 2-4 years? (which is what they are saying ... it's to happen again in a few years)

Will all the donations actually reach these people?

How can people be dishonest at a time like this?

How could men try to rape 13 year olds while confined to the convention center in new orleans?

Why would people shoot at the helicopters?

What is the exact amount of everyone involved?

What's the total damage?

Can we even doante enough to make up for what was lost? (not memories)

How many lives were lost?

How long is this going to take to clear up?

How long to it's at least bearable?

What are these people going to do about their jobs?

What about all the business'?


I'm so sad about this all ... and I wish it was all taken care of, so we can all be happy again, and not worry about not being able to help out enough!

I want to do so much more than I can!

I feel guilty for not being able to donate more than $20 and a few pieces of clothing!

I wish I was rich/famous just to donate most of my money righ tnow to this people!

I always tell Lisa, "If I win the lottery or become rich/famous one day, there are so many ways that I want to spend my money on others (not me)!"

I don't wish it for me or for the fame, just so I could be very helpful in situations like those we are dealing with now!

I just want to make a difference in more than one person's life!

On that note, I'm going to go to bed to dream of being able to do more than I can!

(I don't ask for things for me that often, on the other hand, I'm ALWAYS asking for others! I rather others be happy than me)

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linnpooh said...

This has been a sad time in our country. After a tragedy such as this, the feeling of being helpless to comfort any of the victims is overwhelming. Our need to watch it becomes an almost addiction and our lives seem sad & detatched from any happy thoughts. I think it is then, we need to step back and understand that our role in the tragedy, while important, is only that of support.
I was having a lot of trouble with that, but have now put it in perspective so I can go on with my life. It does not mean that I will turn my back on those suffering down South, I will not. I think we all have to sit down and decide how much money, time & energy we can afford to donate...then do no less than that to help get these people's lives back to some state of comfort.
Once we have, we then know we have done everything we can, to the best of our ability. Any worrying, depression, or anything else we do after that will not do anything to help them. We must remember that there are still good things in life, and that we have reason to celebrate what we have and not take anything for granted. It is after times of sadness that we need happiness the most.....we have to find ways to find it and return our little corner of the world back to normal.
As for your questions, all I can say is, there will never be a "back to normal" for them. It will take years, but they will create a new one. We are a great nation, and we will rise to the occasion and help them do it. Just remember that when a new tragedy is taking center stage in the news.....Katrina victims will still need our help and we must not forget them. I also refuse to join any bashing of our President, he loves this country and it's people or he wouldn't have taken the job of serving them. It is very easy to sit where we are, and say what should have been and should be done. Prayer and a commitment to stay the course with them....that is what will help.
Pooh Hugs,