Monday, September 5, 2005

Donating Spree!

Well I was debating on where to doante my money at or how to do so!

I took $20.00 out of my lunch money to donate, and I had it hidden in my wallet so I wouldn't spend it!

Well I was at wal-mart last night picking up some layaways and I saw they had a sign saying they were taking doantions there!

So I went up to the front to the customer service center and they had a container for the donations (a big water thing, I think it's a 5 gallon thingy) and I dropped my money in!

The associate nearby said, "thank you!"

I said, "your welcome!"

But when I first got to wal-mart, Lisa and I spotted M&Ms for breast cancer ....

They were all pink and money went towards breast cancer, so I bought 2 bags one for me and one for Lisa!

Well as we shopped around I found the pink ribbon magnets that said "Find A Cure"

So I bought 2 of those, one for me and one for Lisa!

So I was on the donating and giving spree!

As Lisa is ALWAYS doing for me, I love to give her presents .... so I felt as if it was time to thank her again!

Well as we shopped around I found plaques that had to do with friendship and angels (she loves angels) .... so I spent like $30.00 on gifts on her!

I surprised her with them too ... she had NO idea I was hiding stuff in the cart and that some of the stuff in the open was for her!

She even found something and was digging in her change to see if she could get one of things I had hidden!

Well I was tugging at her and telling her "No we have to go get your kids, and if we turn around I'll end up spending more than I want to so let's just go please! It'll be here when we get paid again and I'll let you get it then I promise!"

I hate lying but I was saying anything to get her butt moving AWAY from the stuff!

So we left, went to eat, then picked her kids up and I had surprises for the kids on layaway so I figured I would sit them in their seats and put hers together and sit it in her seat!

Well when she went to get in the car after getting her son strapped in, she just nudged hers (thinking it was her purse {it was a cool furry gift bag that looks like a purse} until she saw the card drop, and felt the fur on the bag!

So I said "Watch where your sitting"

As I turned on the light

"Oh my god Theresa! What did you do?" Gasps Lisa

I said, "Well you always do so much for me and you know how I love to give gifts, well I was in that mood tonight and I thought it was long overdue that I thank you again!"

"I always tell you saying thank you is enough"

"well thank you and here have some gifts"

She was stunned to see the angel magnet in there that I was pulling her from!

I said "Now do you see why I was pulling you away and arguing with you?"

She laughed and kept saying "thank you, but you didn't have to"

I took her and the kids for ice cream and we talked!

(and while we were at McDonald's they had they little bins for "hurricane Katrina" so I put all my nickels and pennies in there ... which was alot ... maybe $2 worth)

Then we went to the other wal-mart (on the other side of town)

And I paid to put some things on layaway fro her kids because she didn't have the money too!

Then today I was reading a journal and I found this lady is taking doantions and buying stuff the surviors of hurricane katrina need ... so I donated another $20!

She will be going multiple times and taking donations for a while longer so I most likely will doante again next pay day!

so here is the link to her journal entries to see what she is doing:

See the amazing work this wonderful young lady is doing?

How nice of her!

She will be paying for the gas and any of her own expenses out of her pocket, that does NOT come out of the donations!

She will be making multiple trips!

I admire her, I want to help hands-on style, but it's impossible for me to do so!

So I decided to help her do so!

Please find it in your heart to help her do this ...

She is giving them necessities like water, food, tolietries, toys for kids, and do on!

Thanks and have a wonderful day everybody!


linnpooh said...

You're such a sweet girl, Theresa, and so compassionate & giving. Bless you for your beautiful spirit.

Pooh Hugs,

dazeychic said...

What a sweetheart you are! Wow! You are just so is recieving you know! YOur bound to get oodles of goodies in you life! yay!!!
~SHells xoxo

gabreaelinfo said...

What a nice story.