Saturday, September 24, 2005

New Link for Quiz

For those of you that had trouble with my last quiz link, try this one and see if that helps!

Also Linda,

"I just tried to take the quiz but couldn't get it to fully load....I tried twice, and waited 20 minutes and tried again after re-booting but I still can't get it to load. Sorry honey! :(  Sorry also that I'm so late getting back to it...I feel like a bad friend.

Pooh Hugs,
Comment from linnpooh - 9/24/05 1:40 PM" ...

you are NOT a bad friend for not being able to do this right away ... it's okay!

I FULLY understand that you didn't have time .... believe me the past 2 days I've had SO much going on that I haven't read any journals and I probably won't get to until tomorrow or monday!

Well good luck all and I hope this link works ... I'm excited to see what ya score!

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