Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here are two more interesting links!

Please help pass my "hot potato"!

Also here is a stupid but addictive game!


Have fun, and let me know how hold the button went and if you created a hot potato yourself! (leave any responses in comments)


dazeychic said...

FUN!! Ok i only held the button for 7 seconds...cuz the page moved when it loaded all the way! hahahahaah! I suck.
And I passed the potato! How cool!

Your quiz below didnt load for me! I always have loading issues! ug! :(

~Shells xoxo

butterflies4me04 said...

I know the button one is hard! I had to do it like 7 times before I got a good percentage, the mouse kept moving off the button, until finally me and my brother were determined to get it for 5 minutes, then I was like, "Now I just wasted 5 minutes of my life by holding a STUPID button online, when I knew I would NOT be even CLOSE to winning, I mean the longest time when I played was 1 secong away from 7 days!

HUH? I wonder why the test would not download for you, that's SUPER WEIRD! I wonder if I messed it up?

linnpooh said...

Oh Theresa....I'm totally HORRIBLE at holding the button!!! LOL! The Potato was fun and I passed it...what a cute concept!  Sorry I took so long to get back to doing these <sigh>

Pooh Hugs,