Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Life the past 4 days!

Well I have not stopped thinking about Alicia! I can't!

It's impossible! She's in my head 24/7!

I just want her back!

I don't want to have to come to reality that she's gone!

I want to go back to sharing all my things with her!

I want to go back to cooking dinner for her and Julie!

I want to laugh and have a good time with her again!

I don't want to say goodbye!

Even though I know I have to, I can't!

It's too hard!

As the tears fall down my face as I write this, I wonder when I'll be able to be in her presence again!

It keeps getting harder and harder everyday!

Like today I finally got to talk to her ex (we have been playing computer tag! Everytime she's on she's idle and I can't get to talk to her, or she ims me when I'm away from the computer!), so when we talked to day Alicia came up in the conversation again!

She was telling me how Alicia's sister has been getting into so much trouble! She stole a car and everything! I told her I know it's because of Alicia being gone! I know it's hard for her, it's hard for me!

Alicia and her sister were close (like my brother and I)! Her sister would never do things like that if Alicia was still here!

But if it's this hard for me, I can only imagine how hard it is for her!

She knew Alicia since she was born, because she was younger than Alicia, so she had Alicia since her day 1! So with her being her sister and them being so close, I know it's really toguh for her and she's only 15 or 16!

Julie is going to try to get her for a couple of weeks in the summer (Julie lives in South Carolina)!

(wait it might me Georgia, I can't remember because she was moving and I can't remember if she was staying in the samestate or moving to the edge of the other, she's been back and forth with it)

......back to my point .....

Where did it go?








Ah ha! There it is!

I hope that someone can help Alicia's sister through this tough time and guide her through life in the right direction!

She deserves it!

Well I'm going to get off here, becuase I need to do some cleaning and take a shower!

Dee is coming to york today to see me ... YEAH! (she got her car the other day)

I haven't seen her since Alicia's Viewing (2 months ago)!

I miss the girl!

So I know today won't be any easier for the Alicia situation, because Dee and I will talk about her and I'm going to wear the shirt I got made at the fair in memory of Alicia ...

When Dee stops by and before we leave to do anything, I'll take pictures with my webcam and post them!

That way you can see pics of one of my friends and see the shirt I had made!

Alright I really have to go now! I have to get done before Dee gets off of work and gets here!

(Please pray for Alicia's sister, Ashlyn, I was just instant messenging Julie and she said she's only 12 or 13 ... she has a long life ahead of her)

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linnpooh said...

I'm so sorry you are still struggling with Alicia's's not an easy thing to accept. I wish I were there in person to give you a hug and tell you it will be all right. I will keep you in my prayers and her sister also...there are better days ahead Theresa.

Pooh Hugs,