Thursday, September 29, 2005

The shirt and Dee!

Well I said I would post pictures of the shirt and of my friend Dee ...

Well Viola, here they are!

I know they are not the greatest, my webcam sucks!

Everything comes out dark and blurry!

Now a few things about the shirt,

*I got it done at the fair

*done by an awwesome lady that knows my aunt!

*She did a great job

*I got rainbow colors behind the writing because Alicia loved the rainbow (she was a lesbian)

*I got the angel on the back because Alicia also loved angels

*I was not 100% sure (I was 99.9% sure) on her dates so I didn't get it done that day, but I'm going to get them done, I have the ladies card! I'm getting the dates put underneath the angel!


derasta said...

I love the shirts...very nice! I love seeing when ever the mood strikes you!!!!

linnpooh said...

Darling have honored your friend, wonderfully.

Pooh Hugs,