Monday, September 19, 2005


Well today at work we had a full store count and I just could not get myself to get the count completed! It seriously (no kidding) took me and extra 3 hours to do the count then it usually does!

Well Tammy and I were talking a lot too ... we touched base on training the 2 girls at my store and how they were doing! Which btw is not so good!

We talked about a few other things too! i told her I was sick and I was not feeling well and I had been miserable the past couple days! I told her that I was still coming to work because I HATE calling off of work (and she knows that) and I knew that I really couldn't call off anyway ... there was NO ONE to cover my shift!

Well she did go over my review with me and I did really well! I didn't write any comments because I agreed 100% with everything she said!

At the end she asked me if there was anything she could help me do to improve on anything and I said no but there are a few things bothering me that I would like to talk to you about!

So I told her how I felt about Stephany getting paid almost as much as me and come to find out she is NOT making as much as I ahd thought!

And Melissa lied about the whole "Tammy said that Stephany and I got the best raises!"

Because I got a better raise than Stpehany did!

Tammy also told me that if I keep all the good work like I have (because when she did my review it was at the beginning of july and since then I've improved like 6 areas) she will try in 4-5 months to get me another raise!

OH HOT DIGGITY DOG! (that's my new favorite saying, I don't know why, I just stumbled acrossed it and I say it all the time now)

Another raise for me, which will make me making (well depending on my raise) any where from $9.50-$10.00 an hour!

Just to be an assitant manager at a jewelry kiosk!

(and that's not including any comission I make)

Oh I love my job much more than I think sometimes!

I know every job has high's and low's like everything in life does!


Also tonight my mom told me one of my cousins is in jail again!

I really thought he was getting his life together but I guess not!

He is 23 and had sex (on 3 occassions) with a 15 year old!

(what the heck was he thinking? I know he knows better, because he told me before he wouldn't sleep with quite a few different people because of their age)

My friend had her baby yesterday at 2:11am and I wanted to go see her SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad tonight after work, but of course I couldn't!

So I'm really upset with myself!


Anyways, I need to get some REAL sleep (my cold keeps getting WORSE every morning)

Today I thought I was going to throw up a few times!

I got REALLY BAD chest pains after work and now they're gone .. thank you god!

SO I think maybe if I get more sleep that will help a lot more than I think!

(Plus I have to get up early because Lisa, Dontae {her 5  year old son}, and I are going out to breakfast before I have to be at work at 12:30 ... so We'll eat and go do something fun ... maybe stop by our store at the other mall and see what's going on there ... who knows!)


Have a good night!

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linnpooh said...

if you ren't feeling better soon, you need to go see a DR....I don't like your chest huring like that! I'm happy things are going better with your job though...and the prospect of another raise has to really pump you up!

Sorry about your cousin, honey, I'll keep him in my prayers....hopefully someday, he'll want to help himself.

Pooh Hugs,
P.S>.........congrats on the new baby of your friend!