Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The STUPID LYING ... (I'll leave it edited) ... girl!

Okay, I said I would tell you about Michelle and why I called her STUPID ... not that you probably care ... but I need to vent it and defend myself on why I would call someone such a name!

I'll try to keep it short and sweet, but to the point!

A regional manger for another region called yesterday looking for Tammy (my manager) and I said she was at the other store!

Let me just say, I was really confused because regional managers NEVER call other stores looking for managers NOT in their region ... especially not even near our region!

So I gave her the number for the other store!

I saw Tammy and Lisa at lunch when I went to mail the audit envelope and I went to tell them that there was another old bad news employee in the mall ...

and they proceeded to tell me what happened with Michelle!

They told me that the regional called looking for Tammy and I said, "yea, I knew that! She called my store looking for you and I told her you were at PP (piercing pagoda), and I gave her the number."

Well they said that the lady said she was calling for a reference check on a Michelle ___________!

Tammy said, "I can't really say anything other than I would definelty NOT rehire her!"

And the lady says, "Oh but you can say why becuase I'm a regional manager for Piercing Pagoda in the northern pa area!"

Well I won't go into details but Tammy pretty much summed it up in a short little descriptiona nd told her what all Michelle did!

For those of you that have not figured it out yet ......

Yea, the STUPID girl went and applied for a job at another piercing pagoda!

Yea, she wrote that she worked for us and just recently "quit" becuase of a serious illness and was unable to fulfill her job duties and that her and Tammy were on a agreement of her leaving!


Yea, Tammy was happy she was gone, but who wasn't? She did not leave because of a serious illness!

She got FIRED because she didn't show up for work!

And it was her FINAL write up!

Where does this girl get her brains? Does she not have ANY common sense?

Did she really think that they wouldn't call us and find out what happened?

When she told the regional about the sickness and not being able to work, the regional said, "This was just a couple weeks ago this happened and she was only there for a short period of time! What happened in a few weeks that she is suddenly able to work now?"

Well Tammy, Lisa, and I all tried to figure that out ....

Let's just say this is the answer we came up with ....


The girl is back on her lying spree and she figured she would go to another area and try to get a job at the same company and keep on stealing the jewelry she wants!

She just has not figured out that we figured her out yet!

She thinks we are stupid!

NOPE! Sorry Michelle you got us "twisted" ...


You are not fooling nobody but yourself!


I know I should not call people stupid ... but she just topped it off!

Sorry, but that's just how I feel!

And if you met this girl, you would feel the same way!

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linnpooh said...

Yah, you wonder why she didn't think that out better, huh? But, at the same time....it's kind of sad. I hate to see such a young person totally messing up her life, ya know? I'm happy I don't have to worry about you like that! ;)

Pooh Hugs,