Sunday, September 18, 2005

Thinking about my job!

So of course my brother was upset that no one would take him to the fair this year .... so as the nice big sister that I like to think I am, I took him to the fair, as I really shouldn't have because I'm trying to save for my apartment, and my parents could have taken him because they could afford it, I truthfully can't! But I hate to see my brother not being able to go, so I spent the money I was hoping to save this check and took him to the fair and paid for him to get a few things to eat and drink, bought him a hat and a wristband!


So anyways, the point of my entry is .....

I have been thinking about the whole quitting my job!

I even wrote a letter to Tammy this morning while I was at work, and it is still in my purse, but I have decided that everything that I'm upset about ..... I will like I always do ..... let it slide by and not do anything about it!

I won't go into detail like I did it the letter but I will address the pay issue with her! That I'm not letting slip by me! Because that has me so pissed off! And I found out today that Lisa might be getting a raise in like 2 months if she can keep her sales up ... i know she needs it because she's a single mom and she didn't get a raise like the rest of us, but how does the company think that's fair? If I make my numbers will I get a raise? NOPE! But Lisa is my best friend and she needs the raise more than I do, so I'm not too bent out of shape with that one!

Tammy did call me today at work, but I couldn't talk to her about it becuase I was at work and one of the new girls was there. So I had to train the new girl and ring up one of my customers that was waiting for 4 duplicate items to come in (she needed 5 identical charm bracelets ... indeed it was a good sale)!

But Tammy is to come in tomorrow so, maybe we'll get to talk tomorrow!

Who Knows!

But why have I decided to let this slide?

Because when it comes down to it, I love what I do ... and that is selling jewelry! I love working in the mall, I love working with people one on one, trying to figure out what exactly they need!

I may not agree upon a few things, but nothing is what you always want it to be, so sometimes you just have to bite your lip REAL HARD, and not say a damn thing!

I hate disagreements (I grew up with them all around me, so now as an adult I try to avoid them as much as possible)!

And it's not easy to just find a new job and start all over again on training and being comfortable with what you do and who you work with, and learning what you are doing to try to do the best you can possibly do!

So I decided to try and stick it out, most likely my manager nor regional manager willbe there much longer .... both of them hate their job as well!

But until then I did request like four days in a row next month to get myself back together! I have almost 70 hours vacation and 24 personal so I can spare it, it's not like I EVER go on vacation!


So one fine day I will go back to college though and get a job as a secartary ( I think I spelled that wrong)!

I have always wanted to be one!

I love doing paperwork and organizing! so it's right down my lane!

So I had to keep you updated!

Which btw, I still have my nasty cold, and it seems to be getting worse! UGH!

I wish it would just go away!

Have a great monday everyone!



derasta said...

I think that was the sweetest thing, taking your brother to the have a heart of gold..what a wonderful sister you are!

linnpooh said...

You're a sweetheart, Theresa, and I'm sure your brother will always remember what you have done for him. I think you made a good decision concerning your job..they are hard to come by right now, and if you're ever going to get out from underneath your Mother's will need it. I'm sorry your cold is worse...climb in bed and rest up!

Pooh Hugs,

shadowhawk3680 said...