Saturday, September 17, 2005

Job Hunt

Well I have to start looking for a job!

My manager (Tammy) and I got into a pretty deep argument today!

I think the only one we've ever had!

I know she's frustrated and all because of being short staffed .... but that's her job and it's about time she actually does somethign other than gossip!

I can't stand the gossip anymore! It's driving me crazy!

It's almost so bad that I'm like, "damn! Why was I not born a boy? They would not have to worry about the drama and the gossip, cuz guys just don't care, so they don't want to hear it!"

Why do girls have to gossip and be so dramatic?

So anyways back to my point .... where is it .... looking ..... looking ... looking .... looking .... looking .... oh there it is!

Tammy has been making me upset alot lately!

I hate to cause drama and any problems PERIOD ... so I always keep my mouth shut and NEVER say what I feel!

Well WHENEVER, I'm lucky enough to get my end-of-the-year-review (the thingy that determines if we get a raise or not), I'm going to tell (well try) Tammy how I feel about NUMEROUS things!

Like the biggest thing is that a key holder is getting paid almost as much as I am and I'm an assistant! How can that be possible?

I'm demanding another raise because of it, or I'm calling human resources, then if that doesn't work I'm quitting!

But I can't quit until I find another job! i can't afford to just quit!

I want to take this opportunity and just move out of state .... but I have no idea where or how I could do so!

So I'm just going to start filling out applications! And if somehting I like opens up .... I'M GONE!

I can't take the stress from trying to be the "perfect" assistant manager that I don't want to be!

I'll NEVER be perfect! but I feel like that's what Tammy wants!

But whatever!


I have the worst cold I've ever had!

I feel like crap and I didn't even call off of work or leave early!

I don't want to break my record or perfect attendence!


So on that note .....

Good night!


dazeychic said...

Aww sweety! Dont panic just yet...maybe your feeling this way cuz your sick?? I know last week I told Ben I was quitting at least 40 times...and now that I feel better I had a tiny change of heart!
BUT on the other hand...if you are unhappy for one second...dont stay there! Life is too short! And those are seconds you wont get back!
On another note...I hope you feel better real soon!!!! Im sending you hugs!!

~Shells xoox
Oh and get those pictures developed when you feel better! Im anxiously awaiting them! haha!

derasta said...

I know how you feel about the gossip, and I am usually pretty good about staying out of it...well, especially in the work place...there was a lot of that going around, and I would just remain silent, never adding my 2 cents into it...sometimes it was hard to do, but I do not like to talk about people and hurt them...I always think to myself, say if that were me they were talking about...or someone I that stops me in my tracks before I even open my mouth....

linnpooh said...

Ut oh....this day didn't get any better for you! I'm sorry about all the crap at work...I totally understand about gossip getting you down, I hate it too! Don't do anything rash though honey...things have a way of working out in ways we never could have imagined they would. So hang in there and hang tough...hopefully things will improve. I'm so sorry you are sick too...I think early fall colds are the worst, mine always turn to sinus infections. I'll have good thought for you and pray you feel better soon.

Pooh Hugs,