Sunday, January 1, 2006

Cat Love!

I had to take pictures and share this with everyone!

I went upstairs this afternoon and found 2 things .....

Cuddles and Smokey in my parents bed all cuddled up .... yes they do this very often ....

but then I went to my room and found this .....


btw, that's my breast cancer throw  ...... which is warm as heck!

That's Cookie and Snowball sharing my bed!

There was lots of CAT love going around the house this afternoon!

Of course they were ALL boys ... not a single girl .....

the 3 girls were roaming the house all on their own!

I think our boy cats are GAY!

Whatta think?

(I can't believe I just said WHATTA)

Anyways, I am still working on getting pictures of other people!

I even took my camera with me the one day when Lisa & I went away ... but I knew she would KILL me if I snapped a picture of her .... I have to sneak one of her in somehow with the kids! :)

I think I'll get a picture of Tammy (My manager), Angela (My regional manager), Laurie (The seasonal associate, that I could NOT stand this year), and some other co-workers at our Christmas dinner Next Sunday!

Who else do you want to see?

My parents is going to be a really TUFF one to do ... they are not "just because" picture people .... my dad HATES pictures all together ... and usually my mom only takes pictures when it's like at wal-mart!

I will have to get a little memory card thing because right now my camera only holds 16 pictures!


I'll have to try to get one before the Christmas party!

So try not to get to upset if I don't have pictures until Sunday!






mastersblynn said...

What a beautiful graphic Theresa!  Your pretty even if they are boys.  Keep the pictures comeing.  I am thinking of taking some pictures around town so yall can see all the places I love here. Barbara

linnpooh said...

Cute little sweet :)
Can't wait to see pictures of everybody you've been talking's always fun putting faces with names.

Have a GREAT Monday....

Pooh Hugs,