Thursday, January 19, 2006

Update On My Mom!

I just wanted to let everyone know that my mom came home last night and she is doing much better!

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers!

I really appreciated everyone's comment so I'm not trying to put anyone in a corner of shame .... but a few really touched my heart!

As some of you know I do not get along very well with my parents as I have had a very rough past with them.

Well I should say my mom and her fiance .... because I have not seen or heard from my biological father since I was 5 as he was in prision from that time until I was in 10th or 11th grade and makes no attempt to know who I am now .... which can kind of be a good thing as i would be scared to death for the security and life around him!

That's why I listen to the song I am listening to now. (See now hearing section at the top) It's exactly how I feel about my father! I also tend to listen to Kelly clarkson "Because Of You" for 2 reasons ... one I love kelly, she's my favorite, I want to see her in concert .... and 2 it reminds me so much of my family from when I was growing up! Kelly touches me in every single song she writes!

But I can honestly say my mom and I have been "talking" the past like week or two and getting along! Our relationship will never be a strong close one though, because there are things that she has done to me that I can never forgive her for!

So moving on away from the broken hearted past!

My best friend, Lisa, is celebrating her 35th birthday on saturday .....

and man oh man did I spoil her with presents ....

which she always yells at me for!

I spent a crap load of money on her and her kids for christmas and their birthdays and I still here about it all the time ... her daughter's b-day was in november and her son's was in september (september 11th .... what a b-day ... he was celebrating his 1st on that tragic day)!

She knows about a few of her gifts but I just went and got her like 2 or 3 more tonight ....

so far I got her a pre-paid cingular cell phone (shejust wants it for emergencies .. no use of wasting money on a monthly plan), a pre-paid minute card for her cell phone, a set of lotion, body spray, and body wash of Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla, I got her Eeyore pajama pants, Dr. Phil's Family First book (she's been asking for it forever .. they were out at x-mas), the  "40 year old virgin" dvd and I believe that is it! :)

And I'm taking her and her kids to olive Garden for dinner on sunday ... I have to work on her b-day! :(

I'll try my hardest to remember my digital camera to post pictures of the dinner! Then you'll finally be able to see my beautiful friend Lisa and her two wonderful children!

See is she not spoiled?

I think i tend to spend more money on others than myself ... and that's why I still live at home ... because I have a problem with spending my money that I am having trouble with!

I know I know ... my friends would rather me save my money to get my apartment than give them materlistic items .... but I just can't help it, i love seeing the smiles on their faces and I love giving .... I love donating money .... especailly to breast cancer awarness!


On work note ....

I had to make up a resume to give to my regional manager for me to get the manager's position ... which mind you I have not done one since I was in high school .... now I'm not saying that like I 40 or anything I'm just saying that's a long time for me to remember how to make one .... I graduated 4 years ago, and have not done a resume in about 4-5 years!

But needless to say, I completed my resume today and will fax it to my regional tomorrow!

For me to get it done my manager had to bring in a copy of hers for me to look at ... just to refresh my memory ... so I did it today on my day off!

YEAH! :)

I love the feeling of accomplishing a HUGE important task like that!

I feel relived and one step closer to being a more mature person!


Well I guess that's all I have to write about right now!

Thanks again everyone for your patience and prayers!


mastersblynn said...

You are truly a wonderful friend.  God Bless You! Barbara

xxroxymamaxx said...

I'm so glad your mom is ok.  and good luck with the resume.  GBU, Shelly

lici0uslatin22 said...

OOH Thanks God she is out..  and is fully Recovered..  I understand the point were you are coming from, the same thing I feel when it comes to deal w/my mom..  I could speak to her and settle down but having a Mother and Daughter Bond ((((never))) there's to many things in my heart that I have and they tend to never heal...  Wow you are a really True friend.....  and she must be a great one...  Good Luck on your Resume..  Take care Mari...

prdmomie2myangel said...

Hi its me Katie (truetomyboo61302) I have a new journal now and screen name and I wanted to send you the new link. I hope to see you at my new journal.

I hope all is well.

fasttrack58 said...

Glad your mom is better...
and good luck on the job!!
Linda :)

linnpooh said...

I'm so glad your Mom is doing better and must be a a huge worry off your shoulders. I'm also glad you have been getting along better....that will go a long way to easing your stree and making your life more happy. I hope you have a great dinner with Lisa and she is one lucky girl.....I'm sure she feels blessed by your friendship.

I'm still praying hard about your job and sending all kinds of positive vibes your way about it! Good luck!!

Pooh Hugs,