Monday, January 9, 2006

X-Mas Dinner

I know I promised pictures of everyone I work with at the Christmas dinner .....

I took the digital camera and completely forgot to take pictures!

I walked in the house and then instantly remembered it!

I'm so sorry!

I can't believe I sat there for about 2 1/2 hours and forgot the whole time about pictures!

I didn't really have that much fun as I was expecting!

I blurted out a secret ..... I don't think any of the people that were not supposed to know heard me though!

My regional manager kept giving me a hard time!

She picked up my margarita glass and said, "It's okay, you had a couple of these in!" in a nasty way and slammed my glass down ......

I only had ONE freakin' margarita .... and I was NO WHERE near being drunk ... she is just always a BEEYATCH like that towards me!

I can't take it from her no more .... I'm about to tell her about herself too!

I'm ready to tell her if she doesn't change it soon I'm going to her boss!

She makes me feel like a huge screw up .... and I'm one of the best employees there .....

I'm not conceded or anything .... and those of you that have been reading for awhile know that I am VERY hard on myself!

But I know that I am good at my job!

I will have been there 2 years in June and have not called off once yet .... I've showed up for every single one of my shifts .... I'm very rarely late ..... and when I am it is only a few minutes ... nothing every major!

There were a few times that I came in at the wrong time because my schedule was changed a lot that week and I lost track of it all!

I actually find things to do when there are no customers ... I don't with my hands on my hips .... trying to look pretty!

I can put a box of shipment out in 3-4 hours .... by myself .... and that includes counting it .... even on the same days that I have to count gold chains/bracelets, diamonds, and anything gold over $149!

I do my job and do it very well!

I hate how she makes me feel though!

I've had about enough!

One can only take something for so long before they release how they really feel!

My store was in the #1 spot (out of 12 stores) for months upon months and she never recognized that .... but she praises exton mall and Jamie's store all the dang on time ..... for the littlest things too!

It drives me nuts!

But when I do wrong she is sure to rub it in and get all fissy about it!

Well I'm really sorry I forgot to take pictures ... I think I'm more upset than you guys will be about it!


libragem007 said...

oh..that's ok about the pics..please do not pressure yourself over it. Sorry to read about your regional manager giving you a hard time. The hardest thing is to confront them because they're higher ups. But you do your best and that's more than good enough. Be very proud of your accomplishment even if she doesn't recognize it. Your hard work & dedication will pay off in a long run.

Journally Yours,
Gem :-)

mastersblynn said...

sounds to me like she is jealous of you, Barbara

chat2missie said...

I worked retail for years before I got married.  I was an assistant mgr of a clothing store, and a cosmetic outlet store.  I know how you feel!!  I had a district mgr like that also.  You mentioned the Exton mall.....I've been there loads of times.  You must be in that area??  I'm about 45 minutes from the exton mall.  Hope you have a nice day.

misscarberry said...

Your regional manager sounds like such a cow!I would report her, I wouldn't say anything to her, I'd just grass her up for being a bitch!
Love Sam xXx

tristannmbr2 said...

I'm sorry you have a manager like that!  Don't worry what you said about what comes around goes around and karma and stuff is so true.  She will get hers.  I want to thank you soooooooo much for stopping by my journal and making me feel better!  Your comment was a great one and I appreciate it so much!  Thank you again!  Hugs, Vicky  P.S.  About the pics, I guess you are forgiven!  lol  Just joking!  :)

trickeytricky said...

Grrrr. . . sounds like your manager has a stick in her but.

Glad to hear that you had so much fun you forgot to take pictures, that is a great thing really!!


lici0uslatin22 said...

hey I am so sorry how your District Mang.. Treated you..  she is a Hoe...  Hope she gets her....  and dont worry.. you know you do good and you know she will need you if you decide to leave...  w/all the problems form your house and then her  trying to put you down, you dont need that crap...  You should have talked to her back..  Take care Mari..

megzie212 said...

Hi Teresa. Im glad you stopped by.

Too bad you didnt take pictures. stinks that your boss makes you feel that way.

Hope it gets better in the future.

linnpooh said...

Hey Sweetie,
Don't let her get to're better than that!! No one can make us feel bad unless we allow it.....remember that. You work your butt off, never miss a day and are proud of your work....therefore, do NOT allow it!!! :)
You matter....she doesn't.

Pooh Hugs,
Mom :)

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Thanks for stopping by and a belated Happy New Year to you.

z7snowflake said...

Im sorry ur manager was being so mean to u, when ppl have higher positions they think they can treat u any kind of way

jgalarza879 said...

wow yeah...honestly it sound slike she is threatened by you..and is jealous becasue you DO do a good job..thinking youll quit or something if she gives you a hard enough time...that sucks..I know the feeling all too well form when I was working..((HUGS)) I hope you DO let her boss know!!! If they know how great of a worker you are..theyll take you seriously..:)