Sunday, January 8, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

I've Been tagged by Linda ....

(I was tagged by like 3 people at once ... he he)

Here's How it Works:

These are the rules of the game: You must write a journal entry listing the 5 things that drive you CRAZY  ~ as well as the rules of the game... Then, you select five people to tag and link their names/journals in your entry... Go to their journals and leave a comment informing them they have been tagged by you and to read your journal to see in what way they have been nailed...! Those five then MUST write an entry listing What drives them crazy and tag an additional five people... 

1. Bad Parenting: Especially in public! I hate when babies have babies! I hate when parents have LEASHES on their children. I hate when parents take their anger (about anything) out on the child .... it is not the child's fault you spread your legs and 95% of the time didn't even use any birth control! I hate when people scream at their children, "STOP crying or I'll give you something to cry about!" Doing so is ONLY going to upset the child more!

2. Dishonest People: I hate liars and cheaters! Honesty is the policy! Being dishonest gets you NO WHERE! You may get away with it for a while ... but it will definitely come back to get you .... karma always does ... and once it does, you'll be sorry!

3. Highly Educated Jobs, Underpaid Employees: This hits home really hard because I used to work in a day care and with all the degrees I had and after 2 raises I still was only making $6.21 an hour! Nurses are also overworked and underpaid! How come? Those positions require so much education and dedication ... why are some of the most important jobs in the world underpaid? We could not do with out a lot of them so why is this so? This is why I stopped working in child daycare ... I get paid $3.00 more an hour to work in the mall!

4. High Maintenance People (Male or Female): I hate when people think that you MUST cater to them! I've noticed there are so many people like this since working in retail! People think I should constantly do for them and it may not be my job or they just want to be lazy! I hate how they look at you thinking, "Oh look at this LOSER, she works in the mall, she probably dropped out of school, has a shit load of kids and No life and no intentions of changing that! Watch me be a total bitch. There is nothing she can do about it either, I am a customer and she could lose her job over it if she does try!"

5. Partying: I hate parties ... I've never been to one because I think there is no reason for all the nonsense! What is the point? Everyone get wasted and have sex in weird places with people you don't know and do many other stupid things! I just think parties are a waste of time and life in general .... so many deaths occur because of parties .... drunk drivers that are under the age anyway that came from a party, people that left parties and done STUPID things killing someone ... the list goes on! It just does not make any sense to me!

My list of who I tag:

1. Nicole @ Just Silly Me!

2. Barbara @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

3. Christy @ Christy's Thoughts!

4. Emily @ Emily's Purple Pages!

5. Barbara @ Confessions Of An Angel Waitress!

Picking My five was hard ... sorry if I picked ya and you didn't want to do it ... I know I have not really been around to anyone's journals .... I'm working on that ... my alerts are messed up and I need to change my sidebar ... so please if you wantme to stop by soon just leave a comment and your addy! I should start back to normal readings and posting comments within the next week! Sorry it is taking me so long to get back on the game! When x-mas hits for me, so do birthdays!


bhbner2him said...

I'll happily do it.....just give me about 24 hours.  LOL  -  Barbara

linnpooh said...

Good List! I sure agree with #1.....I hate bad parenting too, and screaming at kids makes me NUTS! Thanks for playing Tag :)

Pooh Hugs,

mastersblynn said...

I did this go check it out
I agree with you on your answers especially the high maintence people and the way people treat their own kids!  Hugs, Barbara

my3gifts said...

I did this a few days ago, so here's my link! :)

Thanks for the tag though! :)

my3gifts said...

Oh I agree on the bad parenting, although I don't think what you call "leashes" as bad parenting...we have one and when you're at a zoo and your child wants to run, but you don't ever want them out of your site and kids are fast and can get our of your site in about 1 second even while you are keeping your eyes on them constantly...we've used it one time when we were at the Detroit Zoo and he didn't want to be in the backpack...we tried just letting him stay in front of us and beside us...that lasted all of 5 seconds.

I have found not to judge things like that until I've been there, because I've discovered especially with that tool that I said "I'd NEVER USE ONE OF THOSE" that I ended up eating my words HARD.

People mistreating their children, drives me INSANE too. I just don't understand it.


chat2missie said...

I should have added bad parenting to my list!  The leashes are the worst.  That's your child, not your pet!!
Missie :)

misscarberry said...

I never get tagged :(
Love Sam xXx

bhbner2him said...

Hey, I finally got around to playing!  Sorry it took me SO long!  -  Barbara