Monday, January 30, 2006

A Quick, Yet Not Good, Update

Okay I know I have not been present for about a week, but it has been kind of crazy between home and work .....

Let's begin one step at a time shall we?

Work .....

my promotion takes effect this Friday and my store has a inventory the last week of February ..... which is our 9 month inventory and new manager inventory .... as I have done plenty of inventories with this company before, I am still nervous because this is MY store and I am even more nervous because this will be my first inventory as the manager! YIKES! God please give me the strength!

Which being the new manager means setting my grounds with the girls, showing them that just because I knew them before the promotion does NOT mean that they can get off "EASY!" I just will not allow it, I will treat them as I would want to be treated as an associate. some rules and guidelines will change now that we will not be 2 stores standing as one ... we are now one store on our own trying to make our own goals and striving to be #1 in the territory, we will have even more time to focus on the littler things that were kind of slipped by before because there was just too much to worry about! It will be a lot more of being serious about your job .... NO more slackers allowed. I will not bust my behind for my 2 key sales associates to bring me down and make me look bad. Nope not having it!

My manager, Tammy,  (currently ... as of Friday she will be just the manager for the store at the other end of the mall) had her doctor's appointment for her ultrasound .... well as I was excited to hear what she was having (a boy by the way) .... Lisa told me that was the least of what she had found out today, to my surprise ..... as some of my readers here know that I had wrote before that she had some difficulties in the beginning of the pregnancy, she was on bed rest for the whole week of Thanksgiving. Her cervix is tore too much, and she may have the baby within the month, at least they are trying to keep the baby in for at least the next month, she is on steroids to help the babydevelop it's lungs and other organs .... her due date was 5/23 ... then they changed it to 5/21 ... now she'll probably have it in a month like I said ... the baby currently only weighs 1 pound ... so when the baby is born it will be in the NICU! Please pray for her and the baby!

So I had completed all my schedules for week ending 3/2/06 ..... Now I may have to make some changes and work with Lisa (my best friend that will be in the acting manager's position) and help her keep that store staffed, and take care of my own!

I may have to share my full-time key holder ... and put my part-time key holder up to 30 hours ... she can not go anymore then that though or she starts losing track of her schedule and does not show up for shifts or comes in 4 hours late ... which I can not have, so Lisa and I are going to try to figure something out! God give us energy, strength, and guidance!

How's my home life you ask?

Not any better than work!

My mom went back into the hospital this morning ...

my dad called me at work to tell me that the ambulance came and picked her up because she was dehydrated and passed out 2 times and she has the pneumonia again! Please pray for her, as she has really bad health and is always in and out of the hospital ....

my dad is sick causing him to be extra (pardon my French) bitchy lately! He is always yelling about something anyway but when he is sick it is even worse!

My brother has not really been listening that well ether ... Income tax is here and while many get to go buy all kinds of goodies ... all of my money (what little I do get back as I do not have any kids or own anything) is all going towards my apartment and furniture for it ... which for me is a goodie but I would like to getsome jewelry or other luxorious items as well ... but I can't .... and I should be very grateful for what I do have ... as this will bring me mroe happiness then any diamond, pearl, or gold item can do for me!

Well this post is long enough, so I'll end it now ...

well I did want to say one more thing .... okay 2!

1. When I wrote my last postand I said "WE" watched "40-year-oldvrigin" I meant Lisa and I ... not the kids becasue it was not appropriate for the kids ... I didn't want anyone thinking the wrong thing when they read that!

2. I have been tagged by Sam ... so look for that post in the next couple of days ... depends on how much I get accomplished tomorrow and wednesday (my 2 days off this week) .... I do have an appointment to get my taxes done wednesday in the afternoon ... so it will have to be done tomorrow if I can get my cleaning done! So watch out as I will be tagging some of you!

(Hummmmmmmmmm, who should I pick?)

(Oh, and I do want to post a butterfly poem a wonderful friend has e-mailed me from j-land)


linnpooh said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry your Mom is sick again....I will add her to my prayers today. I'll also pray for you as I know you are under a lot of stress and this will worry you so much.
I will also be praying for Lisa......I know the fear of having a premature baby, let's hope for the best honey.

Take care of you during all of this.....promise?

Pooh Hugs,

bhbner2him said...

I will keep your mom in my prayers!  Your dad also.  And YOU!  -  Barbara

lici0uslatin22 said...

If is not one thing is another....::: I will be praying for your mom and your Dad also for your brother (it is just rough for him)...

Sounds like You been a Manager for a long time...  way to go..  LOl..  I would think you managed in another store b4...

Yippey... so that means you are moving on your won??

Take care Mari..

trickeytricky said...

I am praying for your momma!! And I will pray for you, so that your "bitchy" dad doesn't get to you. hehehe.

Amanda :)

mastersblynn said...

Whew!  Please remember to have some fun along the way.  How exciting! Your own place. I am sure that will help alot. Barbara