Sunday, November 13, 2005

I have edited an entry for links!

I have filled your request ... which was to make my journal alerts entry have links to the journal .... there are a few that I added since that so I put them in there and there are a few that I can't find the links for and I am not receiving alerts right now (I have them on a vaction time setting ... so the few journals I am reading I have to quick daily on my own) and a few that went private and I forgot to delete (as I'm not an added reader)! :(

If you are one of the journals without a link .... and if you don't mind I would really appreciate it if you left a link in the comments ... I would really appreciate it!


Everyone ....... Have a good week!

Oh, one last thing I HAVE to tell you ... this is so funny!

we (my 2 stores and 2 other stores from our region) were all sitting there for our holiday meeting!

I kept seeing this guy walking around pacing the food court (which is where had to have our meeting ... Zales would not allow us to "pay" for a room at the other mall)!

he kept looking at all of us ...  I was started to get freaked .... then I thought well maybe he knows someone here and is waiting for them to get out of the meeting!

Then we were all standing there when we got our snacks (the meeting was over but we still had time before we had to open the stores), so we decided to chat about things!

Well this guy comes over to Angela (our regional), and asked if we were her people, and told us that he is setting up a glass figurine stand downstairs (by one of our stores) and that he had a contract with some comapny to pay 10 people to just stand down there and unload the boxes for ...... get this ........ $10.00 an hour ....

My job is harder than that and I get paid under that (just a little ... but still) .... the point is if my job is 10x harder than that shouldn't I be making $20 an hour than?

So anyways the company had lost his contract .... therefore he needed people to help .... he would pay us $10.00 an hour!

So I was PISSED because I had to work .... I could've made some money!

But it turned out I still had an hour between the meeting and before I had to go to the store that I would just go down for an hour and get $10 ..... worst mistake!

The firs box I opened had this BEAUTIFUL rose in it! (roses are my favorite flower ... remember my survey)

The next one had a rose with a butterfly on the stem! (that style came in 2 colors)

The next was a different rose!

Then there was a few other things that the other girls (from my store that helped) found!

LOADS AND LOADS of butterflies!

So I got my $10 and he also told us when he opens the store that he will give us 50% off of one item (as long as it is not over $50) .... so now I'm in BIG trouble once he opens!


So anybody want to start a paypal account to donate for needs of these glass figurines?

Hey, they can be early birthday presents! :)

I laughed and said to him, "Hey do you have layaway? Me and Lisa are known for having layaways EVERYWHERE!"

I even found (okay okay, Tonia did) a pig and it had a baby pig inside of it!


I have been looking for something for Tammy to represent her being pregnant!

It is so cute!

So I know I promised everyone pictures of my costume but if everyone can wait like a week longer I can have pictures of some of this stuff when I buy it!

I also (old readers) found the camera of before and after pictures of the kiosk!

So I'm off to get them developed tomorrow!

So even though I'm supposed to be "away" I'll post those pictures (since that happened 2 months ago and I just found the camera for the 3 time)!

I also am going to try to post pictures of Lisa's kids from the fair!

So look forward to a photo entry tomorrow!

Have a great monday! (UGHHHHH! I have to count EVERYTHING in the store tomorrow!)


eml625 said...

Heres my link for ya ! Enjoy the rest of your night.


my3gifts said...

Here's my links


lici0uslatin22 said...

So that means. Pictures Yippy lol...  I will be waiting eventhough I dont have none my self...  Take care Mari

chat2missie said...

I have a whole cabinet full of crystals figurines that I collect.  I especially love crystal roses!!  It's a good thing I wasn't there.  I would spend all the money I was making for sure!!

linnpooh said...

Big Trouble is right!!!! I sold Avon for about a year and every single paycheck I had to give back to them and add money to it.....I was sooooooo out of control!!! The stuff sounds pretty, get something nice with the 50% off :) Looking forward to seeing the pictures

Pooh Hugs,

xxroxymamaxx said...

Man, I am so glad I saved my alerts for today, D-Day in J-land!  I can't post an entry but I can read them.  It's ok if you don't read everybody every single alert.  Sometimes, I just read the alerts and not even go to the journal.  I still keep up that way.  GBU, Shelly

verypinkinside said...

Interesting isn't it? Here's a source for more info:


bhbner2him said...

Well, Theresa, with a $10ph job like that, you'd be in the poor house in no time flat!  Cute little story.  ;o)   -  Barbara