Saturday, January 6, 2007

AOHELL Alerts!

I have not gotten any of my alerts since I stopped writing in here back in august!

I guess the inactivity of my account made it all weird and now it won't work!

I tried reactivating my alerts and I still don't receive the alerts!

I've tried doing an address change and that didn't work!

I am BEYOND frustrated!


chillininjville said...

awwww don't get frustrated sweetie.....probably just AOL issues

z7snowflake said...

I hope ur alerts start coming soon, that sucks

mastersblynn said...

I have been here all along and they messed with my alerts too.  Glad to see you are back sweetie! xox Barbara

bhbner2him said...

When all else fails, turn to Joe for help.  Just email  - Barbara

my3gifts said...

It's not just you, everyone's alerts have been messed up at least the last few days.