Thursday, July 21, 2005

A day off?

OK, where do I start? After 11 days of working straight through without one day off, I was supposed to have off today. Okay, so I promised myself that I would sleep in late and chill all day long. I even told all my friends I was too, so they knew not to bother me.  So I got up at 9:00am (I know that's not really sleeping in, but I went to bed early), I got 11 hours sleep. I got up because I told myself that I was being lazy ..... so I got up. Came downstairs and got on the computer, tried eating breakfast (but the cereal was stale), got back on the computer, then my cell phone rings at a couple minutes past 10:00am ..... it's my managers house .... uh oh! something is wrong! Who didn't show up for wor today, was the first thing that popped into my head. So I answer and Tammy says, "hey Theresa, can you work today?" I reply, 'Sure, what time?" She states, "Right now!"

~~~~ Confusion in my head is going on right now!

I say, "Ok!" She said, "Thank you, Theresa!" I told her it was no problem!

(sidenote: I'm the ONLY one that will EVER come in off my scheduled times, no one else answers their phone, or says that they have plans for the day and can't come in .... but it's usually they just don't answer.)

So I go into work and the one good thing was that Stephany came down from the other store and set my store up and just put the "be right back" sign up until I got there!

It was such an unusual morning for me since I didn't come it at the regular time and I was trying to remember to do everything. It was such a disaster ..... I hate being out of my routine!

So there went my day off after 11 days! But hey it's ok! When all the other girls are complaining they don't have any money or hours ..... I'll be sitting there saying, "Wow! Look at my check, it's freaking awesome! I think I'm going to have a Gloria Jeans, some ice cream from dippin' dots and maybe something to eat from Ruby Tuesday, all for lunch today. Then I think I'll treat myself to one piece of jewelry. What do you girls think?"

No I probably wouldn't buy all that, but it be great to make them think so!

But I had the store goal in for the day by the time I left! We were at 117% when I left at 4:00pm! WAY TO GO ME!


 Anyways, have a great day all!

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