Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I know it's been awhile since I have written in here. I have had a lot going on that I just couldn't concentrate on writing in here. I'll try to do a brief overview of what has gone on the past (almost) 2 weeks.

We'll start with fourth of July, I had off that sunday, monday, and tuesday. Did I do anything? Not at all! Everybody had something going on that I was not a part of .... half of my friends lied to me about us doing something. So on the fourth I just layed around and waited for Meggan to get off of work, she was the only one that I knew would stick to her plans with me. Unless something serious happened. So she picked me up then we went to her mom's house and hung out for awhile. We couldn't really see the firewroks from her house. Meggan states out of no where, "Nanny 911 is on." Well that was it! It was that simple, as I wish everything else in life was that simple. I then said, "That's it, we're going inside and watching Nanny 911."

I had to work wednesday, thursday, and friday. Even though it was only three days it felt like eternity. That was just because I had requested the weekend off to "vacation" at Meggans dad's house! We both requested off, so we could go to her dad's house. He lives out of town on a farm. There was NO cell phone reception! Which for me that simply meant, NO drama, and NO work calling every five minutes asking the dumbest questions that they know the answers to.

While we were there we blew bubbles, drew on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, played in the pond with the algae in the pond, walked all around the farm as Meggan told me stories of her growning up there, looked for the kittens, played with the kittens, cats, dogs, sheep, and said "hi" to the horses. We slept in late, ate all kinds of junk food, and watched tv ALL day long. We were like little kids all over again. Especially for Meggan because that's the house she grew up in.

Then I had to go back to work yesterday and it was not fun coming back after having the weekeend off. The store was a disaster area. I am SO organized at my store and they messed it all up, I couldn't work that well yesterday because of it being messing and not being able to find anything, because it wasn't placed where it should've been placed. So I spent the majority of the day cleaning up and helping customers. We were busy for a monday, I had the store goal in by the time the part timer came in at 5:30pm and that was even with a $114.00 return.

Then everybody that I hadn't talked to since the fourth, called me yesterday. First Andrea called as Meggan and I were walking around the fairgrounds. I declined her call because I was still mad at her for lying to me. I've known her for 6 years, how you just going to lie to me? Then I was at Meggan's house watching tv as Meggan did her checkbook, and Jenn (my neighbor) called me. It was weird because a few moments earlier I was just sitting there talking to Meggan about what had been going on between Jenn and I. Then she calls. I answered the phone. I was really mean to her and why shouldn't I? She had been REALLY rude to me. I don't understand how she can act like this after knowing her for 5 years. I'm done with the long friendships, because they never work for me. Lying to me, telling my mom all kinds of shit, and ignoring my calls. So I told her how I felt and she got pissed off and said whatever bye! Oh so now I guess we're in high school now when we do shit like that. This is why I was so happy to be away for the weekend with NO cell phone reception. She has been calling my mom non-stop all morning long. I don't care because I can be the better person, even though she is 30 years old.

Well that's about it for me and the past 11 days.

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