Thursday, June 1, 2006


After I got home from all my running around this morning

I did manage to get some stuff done

I got my laundry done

and I got my bathroom cleaned!

However my internet is acting stupid,

so I did not get around to anyone's journals!

I was trying to figure out to post an entry from an instant message

then that way I could post an entry from my cell phone

but I couldn't figure it out!

Oh well ....

my internet is working for now!

I hope it last long enough for my to catch up on my journal alerts!


Have a great evening and great friday!


bmorrrick said...

Yeah.......AOL had been crazy most of the day frustrating!!!!  I finally just turned the computer off for awhile.

Take Care,

linnpooh said...

Have a good weekend too......I hope it is filled with sunshine and magic.

Pooh Hugs,

alfemale21 said...

aol has been aotarded all day long they even had a popup about the mail crisis.
I was wondering if you could add my s/n to ur private journal i have read this one from time to time and im just really into it now!
take care

eml625 said...

have a  great weekend !

therealslimemmy said...

go you
want to come clean my room? lol

misscarberry said...

Yeah, I had trouble with AOL too, it was driving me nuts! I've added a new entry over at my public blog.
Love Sam xXx

z7snowflake said...

dont clean too much, its too hot. Have a nice day. *hugs*

trickeytricky said...

Well look at you miss productive . . . :-D

Take Care! Hope you are having a lovely week.

Amanda :)