Tuesday, May 30, 2006


It reached 100 degrees her today ....

I literally felt like my body was melting ....

I had sweat POURING off of me!

My makeup (okay so I didn't do my makeup today) but my foundation ran off right after I put it on!

I HATE doing my makeup in the summer!

I can not stand the feeling of everything coming off my face like that ...

like I'm a crayon melting!


I can not stand to eat either when it is hot!

Hopefully I won't get myself to the point where I will get sick ....

I drink LOADS of liquids (naturally) though,

so that is a good thing!



I am neglecting this journal now that I have my private ...

not good, not good!

So I will try harder to keep up with this one!

I will use this one though for mainly surveys and little entries like so ....

nothing personal about my life will be in here anymore, unless it's not a huge thing that I don't mind sharing with the WHOLE WORLD!


I think it is time for me to go now .....

I need to go strip and get into more comfortable clothes (like next to NOTHING) and lay in front of my fan!


Hey, did I say how it is HOT as a Mother outside?

Well in case I did not ....

IT'S HOT! (90 degrees at 8:25pm, pure craziness)


therealslimemmy said...

aw man thats HOT HOT HOT!
hope you get some coolness soon
i hated wearing makeup in the summer also until i got all new bareminerals makeup.
so much nicer you cannot feel it at all
<3, emily

tristannmbr2 said...

Hey there Theresa!  You know that I have been gone almost all month, and I am back now and I was just wondering how you and Mark (is that his name?) are doing?  I will be back, to read and comment more, been busy with my mother in law from Oklahoma here!  Hugs, Vicky

z7snowflake said...

I know what u mean....its 10:38pm here and it says its 78 degrees but it feels like 90, so messed up!! If I get too hot I feel sick.

eml625 said...

Hope things cooled off.  Your right about the makeup...why bother, and the hair? My hair is a frizzy mess during the summer !!
Take Care

misscarberry said...

I totally agree with the make up thing, I usually just end up with really bright eyeliner on and a tonne of waterproof mascara. I became a total Private Journal junkie when I first got mine but I'm trying to get back into writing in my Public one.
Love Sam xXx

libragem007 said...

I dislike to be out in the middle of the day on summer time. Definitely no make up either. Nope..can't stand it lol!
I went for a walk to the beach today though..it was nice until 1030 am...
Gem :-)

bmorrrick said...

I HATE hot weather.....I was trying to remember what state you live in?  It's hot here in Tx. a lot...although we've had rain the past couple of days, which has been great.  Hope you're having a good day hon.

Take Care,

linnpooh said...

I guess we can just be glad we aren't having tornados or hurricanes and try to enjoy the hot! At least I try and convince myself of that.....hehehe :) I'm trying to play catch up with journals today.....it's been a long week!

Pooh Hugs,