Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Survey continued

Have you ever 
076 been on a train: No
077 been on a plane: No
078 been in a car accident: Not a bad one 
079 caused a car accident: No
080 run into a wall: Not that I can remember of ... honestly 
081 burned a potato chip: Um, no. 
082 almost burned the house down: Once 
083 smoked: Yes 
084 been drunk: Oh, yes. 
085 been high: Oh, yes ...... unfourtunetly 
086 broken the law: yes 
087 burned a cd (if yes, the one above is yes): Yes ... cds are too expensive now-a-days 
088 kissed someone of the opposite sex: Yes
089 kissed someone of the same sex: NO 
090 frenched an animal: No 
091 made out: Yep 
092 had cyber sex: EWWW! NO
093 gotten engaged: No 
094 had an online relationship: Ummm ..... 
095 been rejected by a crush: Yes 
096 loved: No 
097 made yourself cry to get out of trouble: Yes 
098 cried in public: Yes 
099 cried over a movie: Yes 
100 fallen asleep in a movie theater: No
101 given someone a bath: Yes 
102 been to a boarding school: No
103 been home-schooled: Yes, when I had knee surgery when I was 13 and I had to learn how to walk all over again! 
104 lost a valuable item: Yes 
105 bungee jumped: No 
106 skied: No
107 met the president: No
108 met a celebrity: No 
109 gotten a cavity: Shit, yes. 
110 shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: No 
111 made a prank call: Sure thang
112 skipped school: Oh, YEA
113 faked sick to get out of school: Yes 
114 purchased something that you knew didn't fit: No
115 climbed a tree: Yes 
116 fallen from a tree: Not that I remember 
117 broken a bone: Yes, plenty
118 sprained anything: Yes
119 passed out: Yes
120 made yourself pass out: No
121 been to Disney world: No 
122 been to a theme park (not Disney): ummmm.... No 
123 said I love you and meant it (not to a relative): No, but I thought at the time I did! (I was young ... like 15) 
124 made a model volcano (working model): No. 
125 made a clover leaf with your tounge: Can’t

126 what did you do yesterday: Slept in, went to work, returned an umbrella at Target, watched t.v. for a little, went to bed 
127 memory you miss the most: Alicia 
128 memory you want to forget: My dad 
129 something you regretted after it was done: Stealing
130 song you heard: Chamillionaire ~ Ridin Dirty
131 cd you bought: does burning count? If so, Pink 'I'm not dead' ... if not, LL Cool J & Brooke Valentine 
132 thing you said: your weird (to my brother ... he was talking to himself) 
133 time you cried: A few nights ago when I was misisng Alicia and Mark and I were not getting along! 
134 movie seen in a theater: Benchwarmers 
135 thing you ate: Pepperoni Pizza
136 person who called: One of the stores in my region calling in net sales at 4:30
137 nail polish shade worn: Deep Red 
138 time you showered: This morning ... okay this afternoon .. I was being Lazy 
139 person who complimented you: Lisa
140 what are you listening to: Rihanna ~ Unfaithful (and the rest of the 'A Girl Like Me' CD)
141 what are you wearing: Jean Capris, t-shirt, thong flip flops 
142 what are you thinking: Damn, this survey is long .... my neck is killing me 
143 what are you scared of most: Losing my best friend Lisa 
144 how many people are on your buddy list: like 5 ... I'm not very popular
145 occupation: Piercing Pagoda Store Manager  
146 marriage site: ????
147 honeymoon: ????
148 place to live: Somewhere out of the city ... I HATE the city! 
149 kids: either 2 or 4 .... I HATE odd numbers ... I told ya I was weird 
150 car: WHAT'S THAT? j/k 
151 what are you doing tomorrow: Working 
152 do you think George Bush will be reelected: I hope not 
153 will there be a wwIII: Most likely 
154 will politics ever be truthful: Shit, no. 
155 will humanity snuff itself out: Maybe
156 can the gov. be changed: Dunno 

157 best friend: Lisa 
158 funniest: Lisa 
159 silliest: Mark 
160 loudest: Me 
161 quietest: Kayli 
162 craziest: Rachel 
163 calmest: Kayli 
164 skinniest: Kayli
165 best secret keeper: Lisa 
166 worst secret keeper: Elizabeth 
167 the one you have but don't want: Elizabeth 
168 smartest: Lisa 
169 preppiest: Kayli 
170 peppiest: Kayli 
171 most hyper: Rachel
172 hottest: Mark
173 weirdest: Probably me. 
174 biggest pervert: ?????   
175 most annoying: Elizabeth
176 shyest: Me 
177 most religious: none of us

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