Sunday, May 7, 2006


I am searching for an entry of some sort to let you all know a little more about me

I need some sort of survey, questionaire, etc.

If any of you have any or any ideas ... please e-mail me!

even if there are certain questions you would like to ask me ....

within reason I shall answer!

(I know there are some perverts out there .... and I just want them to know I will not be answering any of their nasty undesired questions!)

I shall be lurking into your journals tonight in search for something ....

I just feel like there is so much about me that you all do not know .... that could be useful to you

and I just don't know where to start ....

so I'm asking for your help!

HELP! :)

Let the e-mailing begin!


buggieboo1 said...

This J has questions in it you can use... She hasn't written in a while though!
But maybe you can use a few of these!


eml625 said...

There are always surveys making the rounds here....hope you found one.


crayzawhitegirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal!!!
I have been trying my best to keep up with everyones ....
Have a great Monday !!


trickeytricky said...

OMG - I just got the ultimate survey 375+ questions . . . I will forward it to you, K? K.

Take Care!

Amanda :)