Thursday, May 4, 2006

Answer to a few comments!

First of all let me just say that the drama here at my parents NEVER ends! My mom just got into a fight witht he neighbors kids and called them (oh, I'm sorry to type this, I HATE this word) 'NIGGERS' so she had a little mouth battle with them and then she came in and called the cops! DRAMA ..... SHEESH! I want to move out so fast and bad! Please pray that I can keep my money under control and be able to move out soon!
Awwwhhhh, so cute!! I'm sure Mr. Loveable is feeling like the luckiest cat in the world right about now :) Do your other cats like him? I'm sorry you don't get to see Mark very much, I know how badly that hurts. Hopefully it won't be for long though....I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

Pooh Hugs,
Comment from linnpooh - 5/4/06 4:45 PM
No, the other cats still fight with him .... they wake me up multiple times in the middle of the night to break up a fight! Although last night I did see my cat (cookie ... the one in my recent entry giving me kisses) walk up to him and sniff him WITHOUT growling or hissing at him ... then they did this again this morning .... so I guess you can say that those two seem to be getting along ... everytime I walk into my bedroom they are both in there together! So I guess mr. lovable is making a friend! I assume eventually that almost all of them will be fine with him, it's just that they are not used to him being here and they don't like him 'invading' their space!


Mr. Pee Pee is sooo cute. :-P I hear that man cats are more lovey dovey than girl cats. Be glad it isn't a girl, my cat is a sassy ass. Shetoo had a retarded name, so I just started calling her Miss Thang.

Why can't male humans be as loveable as male cats? Sorry to hear Mark was being typical and not calling back. Geeesh. Men.

Tootles -

Amanda :)

Comment from trickeytricky - 5/4/06 3:07 PM
You are just too funny for words to express! :) I think I will use that nickname instead of mr. lovable ... mr. pee pee sheesh I LOVE it! :) I never thought of it that way, not paid any attention to it, but all our male cats are lovable and the girl cats are always like 'get the heck off of me .... I'm too good for your kisses' When I read that I thought about it and said 'omg! she is soooooo right!'

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