Monday, May 8, 2006

It's Over!

Well I just got off the conference call ... they are usually 30 mins. long ... well I was on tonight for 51 mins. ...... my ear is screaming .... 'damn, it's about time you all shut up!'

We did have a lot of stuff to go over ... so it was a very informative call ....

even though our region is performing so badly that Angela said she didn't want to talk about numbers because she hates talking about them out loud!

So we had this long call and we did not even discuss our numbers ... it was all information about policies and procedures!

But I got to do my talk and I had so much stuff written down I knew that I would not get to say it all .... so I summed up the most important things and talked really fast and shot out 90% or what I had written down!

Angela kept saying 'Good! Good!'

So I knew I had to sum it up ... I was so nervous, I stuttered a few times!

Oooops! Oh well!


Now as far as my other favor that I agreed to for my boss ......

Whenever our regional goes on vacation or goes to Dallas (our home office)  .... she has to assign someone to take numbers (We call in our numbers, as far as what we have in currently, everyday at 4:30pm) and then they need to call them in to Angelas boss (the director of stores for our area)!

Well she asked me when I was taking my next vacation ... I told her I had no idea yet!

I told her I wanted to use it for whenever I moved out of my parents that way I could use a whole week to move and get settled into my new place with out the stress of work ... of course I'll still call my store and touch base with them everyday!

So she then asked me if I was taking it around the 19th .... I said definitely not!

So then she asked me if I would be the manager to take numbers this time while she goes on vacation 5/19-5/29 to Arkansas!

So I said of course ....

but then she threw in a little extra ....

Of course I figured taking numbers is nothing .... I had done it one other day before for her when she had an appt. or something ....

so taking the numbers will be no stress!

Well then she said, "But there is something else I would like you to do .......... I would like you to leave audix messages EVERYDAY for the region!"


Audix messages is where Angela usually leaves numbers from the day before and talks briefly about operations and she talks about what we can do to get our sales up for the day ... she'll suggest things and boost us to sell at our at most best selling stage!

So I lost it when she asked me to do this too!

We have NEVER had the manager that took numbers also leave messages ... they have always just done the numbers and that was it ... oh and they are called if anything happens at one of the stores, they have to call the manager in charge!

So I have to .... for 10 days .... take numbers, leave messages boosting the region and getting them ready to sell and leave the region & each stores performance, AND take care of any situations while she is gone!

Like I said, I'm not nervous at all about the numbers .....

I'm just nervous about the messages .... and a little bit about what if something happens and a store calls me and I don't make such a great decision ....

I do have the contact regional's information .... I have to call her if it's something major and I have to talk to a regional .....

Angela said she would have her phone and we could call her .... but ONLY if it was an absolute emergency!

Please pray that nothing major happens those 10 days my boss is out of town!


therealslimemmy said...

pretty cool :) youll do find ;)

<3, emily

eml625 said...

Way to go girlfriend !!! I'm proud of you !


bhbner2him said...

Well, looks like God knew you were needing a little ego boost.  lol  Congratulations!   To him who is faithful in little, much will be added.  Perhaps you can stress or expound on your list you made for your little daily boost messages.  I know it'll come to you.  ;o)  -  Barbara

linnpooh said...

Everything happens for a reason honey......this is where you are supposed to be. You need to take a deep breath and believe in yourself as much as I believe in you......I have no doubts you can do this job! Angela cares deeply about the business and she would never leave such an important responsibility to someone she thought couldn't handle it.....this shows the faith she has in you. You are a FABULOUS, strong, woman and can handle ANYTHING put in front of are a ROCK STAR!!!!  Sending my support your way.....

Pooh Hugs,