Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Survey Continued Part 5!

Are you 
300 happy: Yes
301 sad: a tiny bit 
302 religious: A little 
303 bitchy: Fuck yeah 
304 crazy: That too
305 messy: Neat Freak 
306 mad: kinda 
307 slacker: Yes 
308 nerd: A little 
309 bookworm: HELL YEA 
310 jock: No 
311 preppy: No 
312 selfish: I try not to be 
313 giving: very 
314 obsessive: compulsive 
315 violent: Nah
316 calm: Most of the time 
317 peaceful: For the most part
318 mellow: -eh
319 eccentric: Cha 
320 caring: Yes
321 untrustworthy: No 
322 loyal: Yes! 
323 patriotic: A lot. 
324 perverted: no 
325 colorful: Yeah
326 artistic: no

327 what color is your jacket: Black
328 do you shave: Yes. 
329 where: Practically everywhere. 
330 what color is your razor: Hot pink and silver. 
331 what size is your bed: twin, for now 
332 what color crayon would you be: Lavendar 
333 what are the last four digits of you phone number: 7474
334feelings on abortion: KILLER 
335 how longdoes it take you to shower:10 mins.
336 what does your screenname mean: I LOVE butterflies 
337 thoughts on blonde pop stars in general: Eck 
338 who so you trust the most: Lisa 
339 is cussing a necessity in life: Fuck yeah. 
340 how about coffee: Fuck no ... unless it's a gloria jeans chiller 
341 is the world screwed: yep 
342 what something you cant live without: Computer 
343 what time did you fall asleep: 12:15 am 
344 know what 69 means: Yes, I am not stupid. 
345 how about 143: Oh, no, what’s that? 
346 can you live without a microwave: no
347 what do think about death: Sucks 
348 do you want to drop out of school: No, I GRADUATED! 
349 why is the sky blue: because the grass is green
350 what is a good trait about yourself: I have a HUGE heart 
351 what do you always think about: Life in general 
352 how do you react to change: Not well 
353 do you talk to yourself: All the time. 
354 what is your opinion on love: it stinks 
355 can you afford to lose weight: tons of it 
356 what color would you dye your hair: darker
357 best thing anyone’s told you: Mark told me the other day I was beautiful
358 what is your reaction to someone telling you you're hot: Are you crazy? 
359 does being psycho appeal to you: Um, no. 
360 if you wrote a book, what would it be about: everything 
361 what would you change your name to: I wouldn’t 
362 time finished: 7:59 pm


z7snowflake said...

wow, that was alot, lol.

bhbner2him said...

Well, no one can say you are not complex!  ;o)  -  Barbara