Sunday, May 14, 2006

What a day!

Well today I had one of the most relaxed days EVER! 

I slept in ... woke up a little after nine ... I knew (being the considerate and caring person I am) that I should see how Mark's football game went ... Even though I HATE sports more than anything on earth ... okay almost anything ... I hate drugs more!

Well he was all upset because he lost by 2 points .... and his words ... "'s mothers day ... it really sucks"

What the HECK does mother's day have to do with a football game?

Not that half of the mother's in the world care about football!

but whatever!

I miss him so much! :(

It makes me want to cry ... I have not seen him in over a week ... I think it's close to 2 weeks! I dunno!

I just know it's been too long! :(

I HATE that he does not work at my mall anymore ... why does he have to travel ...

because he got a better position with the company ... in which he definitely deserves ..... this is what I need to keep telling myself ...

it's the only thing that keeps me from crying about how much I miss us spending time together ...

sheesh I act like we're married or something ... how pathetic?

I know .... I know .... it's not even like he is even serving for our country like Emily's man .....

I have no idea how you do it girl ... you are such a strong beautiful woman! :)


Well I guess that's all I have for now!

btw ... my feet feel better .. thank god! :)


eml625 said...

Go see the guy  !!!! You'll feel better.


bhbner2him said...

I hope your new week gets off to a good start on every front!  ;o)  -  Barbara

z7snowflake said...

girl im glad ur feet are feeling better. Im sorry u miss Mark so much. Its always hard when u cant be with the person u cant stop thinking about.

therealslimemmy said...

awww thanks
glad you feet feel better
hope you get to see mark soon