Saturday, May 6, 2006

Failure In Life?

Well the past few days I have been down in the dumps!

I've tried being a happier person, but I just can not!

I have been thinking ....

What do I have to show for in life?

I have a good job that I am good at, and I am a good person (or at least i would like to think I am) ....

But that's it!

I am 21 years old and don't have a single clue on what I want to do for the rest of my life ... I started taking college courses for child care and graduated from a high school where you could practice a trade ... I did child care .... so I have a few degrees in child care, but it does not pay at ALL!

I make almost twice as much now then I did working in a day care!

I don't have a car, or my license for that matter .... my mom is 47 and does not have hers, and NEVER did! My dad refuses to teach me!

And every friend that sayd they will teach me, they always back out and NEVER do!

I did have 3 friends in flordia that let me drive their cars a few times, but that's it!

So that depresses me like crazy!

Another thing that has been upsetting me is that I'm 21 and still live at home with my parents!

I just feel like I have nothing to show for in my life!

I feel like I'm a failure in this game called 'life'

I know all my friends are like, 'Theresa you should not feel this way because you are such a great person and you do have a good job that you are good at and a lot of people that have these things that yu don not do not have asgood of a heart as you do! You are such a good person inside!'

But I know they only say that to make me feel better because that's what they feel as if they need to do!

I just wish I could feel better about all this!

But I know I will notuntil I move out and get my license and a car!

I just hope that soon I can find someone who is SERIOUS about teaching me and helping me with my license!


*update: Please before commenting in this entry, read the entry that follows this one ..... it expalins a bit more about this situation fo rthose of you who are new here and don't know much about me!*


mastersblynn said...

Sweetie you come to Texas and I will teach you how to drive!  Don't be so hard on yourself.  I know you don't want to hear this but you are just a baby.  21 is not old and you have your whole life ahead of you.  Go for your dreams and don't let anyone say you can't.  I believe in you!  Barbara

linnpooh said...

{{{Theresa}}} I wish I lived closer, I would teach you to drive sweetie. Since I don't though and you can't find anyone need to go to driving school! Yes, they have it, a good place in our area is you have a Sears in your mall? If they don't have one, call your Secretary Of State's Office and find out where the closest driving school is.....they will know. How's your fund coming for moving out? What is it you need to for a deposit? As for not knowing what you want in life, that's pretty common at your age. Yes, some people do know, but more so don't have a clue. Maybe you can start taking a class at a time towards a degree in something if you're interested. I can tell you one thing for sure though....Happiness is a choice. I'm 48 years old and have been throuh a lot in my life but that is the one thing that will never change....we choose how we feel. You are wrong to say you cannot be a happier person, and if you have tried and failed.....maybe you have been looking in the wrong place for it. You have to look within yourself,  for that's where it resides and it will stay there until you open the door and let it out. It's up to you...each  morning is another day to get it right.....make the moments count.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

bhbner2him said...

Well, baby girl, if you are making better money now, look into having a professional driving course.  That sounds like something you can make happen.  As for knowing exactly what you should do in your life, believe me, you are still young.  Just keep your heart and your eyes open.  When you find it, you'll know.  And 21 is not very old for a girl to still be home with her parents.  You'll get there.  - Barbara

eml625 said...

21 is not that old.. dont be so hard on yourself...
You have your whole life ahead of you.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Well, I think there are driving classes you could take for adults.  But you shouldn't worry too much about what you have cause heck, at 21, I was just a kid living at home too.  Well, at my husbands parents home but still.  They were like my parents.  Thank goodness for that.  But hang in there.  You have your whole life ahead of you. and it changes so many times.  In ten years you'll look back and say dang, wish I could still live at home and not have all this responsibilities.  : )  Hugs to you Theresa.  GBU, Shelly

dying4happiness said...

Oh sweetie....

I'm 30 and still live at home!  Okay I did move out when I was 18 and stayed away for 7 years, but I came back to give my kids a better life and work for my mom...daycare!  I make buttloads of money and didn't even take courses for classes could teach me what I have taught myself from firsthand experience...hey maybe I should teach some classes LOL!

How bout taking some computer are so young, you have your whole life ahead of you so keep that chin up!


my3gifts said...

I agree with everyone sweetie. You are young, but you are the one in control of your life. Your dad is not stopping you from learning to drive, go make it happen girl! Call your local DMV and see if there's any adult drivers classes out there! Once you have your license, you can start saving for a car.

As for work, you are still young and you can do anything! If you have a college in the town you live in, sign up for a couple classes or sign up for online college classes. Take a couple, get the required classes out of the way.

You do have your whole life ahead of yourself, but at the same time you have every reason to jump up and start striving towards a goal that you want.

God Bless you sweetie


therealslimemmy said...

have you asked mark to teach you?
tony taught me a long time ago
feel better hun
once you ahve your license you can get a car
start saving a little now
well plus once you have a car you can worry about gas and car payments, lol
cheer up
<3, em

heartbreakloopy4 said...

talk to your mom let her, pray to God and ask for forgiveness. i know that life can be hard.

brunettemuchofun said...

First of all you have to take control of your own life...not to be harsh but you are a "big girl" now you should not depend on your dad and sadly sometimes not even your friends, it is your life your parents don't control you..come on you are old enough to vote and drink that means in general you are responsible and can make decisions for yourself so do that and take control..start saving up money for driving courses/classes.  Then I suggest you think about going to not make the mistake many people make... go to college, take out a loan, ask your parents, if worst comes to worst community college is another option..maybe you could do college and keep a part time job.  
You are not a failure

brunettemuchofun said...

just finishing my other comment....
you are not a failure until you stop trying..failure would mean you lost at the game of life but  you did have friends who care enough about you to have the desire to make you feel better, your parent are not trying to kick you out of your house.  You are a good person you worked at a child daycare!

cste609371 said...

take control- you can do it, give it 110%.tell us more... good day, Cheryl  from Mass.