Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Then & Now

Then & Now.

Take this quiz, post the results, and see how much things have changed since then.


How old were you?: 16
Where did you work?: KFC

Where did you live?: mason ave
Where did you hang out?:  around the neighborhood

How was your hair style?:  I can't remember ... I think pretty much the same as now

Did you wear glasses?: no

Who was your best friend?: Jessica Z.

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?: I was single (my life story)
Who was your celebrity crush?: I think it was Usher

Did you have more guy friends or girl? girl

Who was your regular-person crush? this guy named mark (he had the same first and last name as I guy I was writing too at the time)

How many piercing did you have?: just 4 in each ear

How many tattoos did you have? none

What kind of music were you into: r&b/hip-hop/rap

What was your favorite band/ artist? I can not remember
What was your biggest fear?: spiders & snakes
Did you smoke? yes
Did you drink? no

Did you get high? yes (I know how stupid was I?)
Did you have a car? no


How old are you?: 21

Where do you live?:  mason ave (Same place)
Where do you work? Piercing Pagoda Plus ... Galleria mall
Where do you hang out?: Wherever with Lisa and her kids ... sometimes (but rarely) with Mark

How is your hair style?: A simple ponytail but before I pull all the hair through the last time I flip it back over the ponytail for a little waterfall look (kinda)

Do you wear glasses?:no
Who is your best friend: Lisa
Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?: No one ... just talking to Mark (weird that 5 years ago this time I was talking to a Mark)

Do you have more guy friends or girl? girl

Who is your celebrity crush? Usher & LL Cool J
How many tattoos do you have?: none

How many piercing's do you have?: 6 in each ear, my nose, and my belly button
What kind of music are you into: r&b/hip-hop/rap
What is your favorite band? not a badn but a singer ..... Vivan Green
What is your biggest fear?: Spiders & snakes
Do you smoke now? NO (And I'm very proud of this)
Do you drink? No
Do you get high?  NO (and I'm extremely proud of this one)
Do you have a car? NO (not so excited about this one)


misscarberry said...

I would love to have a go at this myself, but for some reason, my blogs won't let me paste stuff into them, well gay!
Love Sam xXx

therealslimemmy said...

awww you will get a car soon
i like this quiz

eml625 said...

Thats pretty cool