Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Here he is .... Mr. new cat!

Here is the pictures of the new cat .....

Now I have NO idea how to spell his name so I am just going to nickname him ..... mr. lovable


His name is an indian name .... something like taupeapee .... I have no idea ..... I could be VERY FAR off from the correct spelling but hey I tried .... he came from my dad's shop .... my dad works for a tow truck company and the owner said that the ONLY person that could have him was my dad, so VIOLA! Here he is .... I think my dad said he is like somewhere between 5-7 years old!

He is sooooooooooo lovable!

Look at how cute he is too!

For those of you that remember when I did the photo entry with ALL the other pets I have here .... and if you are counting  ...... yes this makes it

8 cats and 2 dogs!

I know how crazy is that?

And we don't even live on a farm .... just a city house w/3 floors (and basement ... but none of the pets are allowed down there)!

I told my parents this is getting out of control!

But hey it's their house, and I can't tell them what to do!

But now my dad wants another dog!

I think he is smokin' something! SERIOUSLY!

Now the only picture I still owe you all is one of Mark and I!

Which this one I'm thinking maybe a little harder then the rest!

But he asked me to go to his football game again on sunday ...

so maybe I'll take some pictures of him there ... I dunno yet!

I really want one of us together, but I dunno!

It will definitely be hard to do since I NEVER see him anymore ....

first of all because the past week and 1/2 before he left for his new store we worked opposite schedules, and now he has to drive 45 mins. just to get to work (one way) so now I know I'll NEVER see him! :(

We were supposed to do lunch yesterday .... but ..... he was to call me when he woke up, which he didn't ... I texted him around 4:30pm and he said he was looking for his roomates dog. (Which they didn't find) :(

Then he didn't call me back until about 9 and I was laying down then ... and he had to work open to close today .... he had to get up at 6:30am and he said that he was going to call me when he had to get up and I told him not to ... but I told him I would talk to him if he called ... he said he was going to call but didn't!

So I don't know!

I miss him terribly! :(

He has been back to himself since we had our talk saturday night .... I'm back to feeling like I want to melt when talking to him!


tristannmbr2 said...

Your dad's new cat is adorable!  I just love kitties!!!!!  I want one but my hubby doesn't like them, but with me, I grew up with so many cats, and my mom had 7 cats and 5 dogs at one time!  So I know me and my little boy can persuade him one day!  lol  ;)  Hugs, Vicky

therealslimemmy said...

awww hes cute!
wow that is a lot of animals though!
hope you and mark will get some time together soon

eml625 said...

Love the cat. I have never ever owned one cat, my kids want one so bad, but I think the dog will hate me !!!

xxroxymamaxx said...

Mr. Lovable is so cute.  and good luck getting together with your new boyfriend.  would love to see that pic. : )  GBU, Shelly

trickeytricky said...

Mr. Pee Pee is sooo cute. :-P I hear that man cats are more lovey dovey than girl cats. Be glad it isn't a girl, my cat is a sassy ass. She too had a retarded name, so I just started calling her Miss Thang.

Why can't male humans be as loveable as male cats? Sorry to hear Mark was being typical and not calling back. Geeesh. Men.

Tootles -

Amanda :)

linnpooh said...

Awwwhhhh, so cute!! I'm sure Mr. Loveable is feeling like the luckiest cat in the world right about now :) Do your other cats like him? I'm sorry you don't get to see Mark very much, I know how badly that hurts. Hopefully it won't be for long though....I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

Pooh Hugs,