Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I'm Ashamed!

Well as I MUST have jinxed myself ....

my store is still sitting in the number one spot in the region so far for the month ...

but I'm not sure for how much longer!

We missed goal yesterday ... bringing us down almost 4% .....

Today I missed the store goal by less than $19.00 ....

I was SO mad!

I was doing so well ... then


No customers were even stopping by the counter!

I had a $200.00 sale!

When I came in at 12:30pm we didn't have a single sell in ....

I think I had the first transaction around 1:30pm!

How sad is that?

I HATE the summer months because we get really slow ... this is only the beginning of the boring/slow months ahead for us!


Anyways ....

On to other things ....

I really appreciate all the links to surveys and questionnaires!

I am going to try to do a few tomorrow ... I have off!

(but I told Lisa that we have not been doing anything and we should do something that doesn't cost ANY money ... I'm flat broke until pay day on Thursday ... so I don't know what all we are going to do)

Thanks everyone!

Also, thanks for all the sweet comments!


Speaking of which ....

I have some things to update you all on!

I have decided that I need to save almost $2,000.00 more dollars for my apartment ... this is for all the bills, furniture, etc.

then I'll move ....

<FONTCOLOR=#8000FF>I don't want to be in an uncomfortable money situation as soon as I move out!

Then the week after I move Latoya (my key sales associate) and I are going to take driving courses together ....

within the next week I'm going to call around about them!

I am so excited I feel like I am started to actually see a future for myself! :)

Thanks for all the support here too!

Then I'm going to get my license ....

then save for a car (well this will start as soon as I get an apartment)

then I'll start saving for college ...

I don't know what I want to go for yet ... but hopefully I'll know by next year at this time!

So hopefully within the next year I should have things set in their places!

I hope everything turns out as well as I want them too!

Please pray for me that they will!

I am going to try my hardest!

I think it's time that I really focus on my life and get control of it and start doing some serious work to it!

I need to better myself and these are the steps I need to take to do so!

I might start a private journal to keep my feelings about my struggles of getting my life together!

What do you think?


therealslimemmy said...

a private journal sounds nice i used to have one for myself but i never kept up with it and i wish i would.
i'll keep you in my prayers hun you will do fine you are a very motivated good person and there is no reason you wont ;)
keep me in your prayers too
still no response back from anyone...where do you live again, lol
i need a freaking j.o.b :(
take care

linnpooh said...

Sales will be fine again soon.....people were probably out buying groceries :)

I think your life plan sounds FABULOUS and I know things will go in the direction you want them too. You will have $2,000 saved before you know it.....I'm so excited for you to have your own place.

You are a special girl.....don't forget it!

Pooh Hugs,

bmorrrick said...

You're a bright young woman with great goals....I'm sure you will go far in this life!!  Try not to get disheartened because of one day at work hon....it's nothing you are doing wrong, there just weren't as many people out shopping for whatever reason.  Things will pick back up.....

Take Care,

eml625 said...

Since I'm private, I say go for it. It makes for easier writing without worring who's reading.

Take care

libragem007 said...

I've been sitting here..reading your past entries..and I say you have goals for yourself and you seem to have a steady path and focus. I think you're a wonderful hardworking person and you'll go a long way.
Gem :-)