Monday, May 8, 2006

ME? Why ME?

So I have a quick entry that I need to write!

I will write one later too with an update ... but I have about 20 mins. to write this really fast ....

I have some exciting news!

I talked to Tammy yesterday (my old manager that's out on maternity leave) and she told me that everytime Angela (My boss .... the regional manager) talks to Tammy, Angela always has good things to say about me!

She always says that how proud she is that she gave me the postion, and how good I am doing ... that my store has been the top performing store in the region!

(sidenote: Which it was quite a few times ... like 6 months in a row .... when I was the assistant manager ... but I guess it didn't matter then .. I don't know?)

Well Angela called me this morning and said that she was proud of my stores numbers this weekend and how well we were doing again this month and that we were in the number one spot again this month (which I thought I was in the 5th or 6th place ... out of 11 stores)

then she said she wanted to ask me a favor ...

I said okay, then she proceeded to tell me that she wanted me to talk on the conference call tonight to the other 10 managers!


I said that I would ....

She said with me being a new manager ... she couldn't remember how long it's been ... I told her 3 months .... and with us doing so well the past 2 months she wanted me to share my success secrets with the other managers.

She wants me to tell them what I do to be successful!

So I had to write down some ideas and get them together ...

I am nervous ... because I've never really been put on the spotlight like this!

So I have to wrap this entry up .... I still need to get my notes together ... our call is at 5:30pm ... I got 20 minutes here!

I just had to tell all of you about the news!

She did ask me for another favor ... but I'll write about that one in the next entry!

After I get off the call and get those notes organized for my girls to read tomorrow I'll be back on here to update you on how the conference call went and to tell you about the other favor!


eml625 said...

Congrats to you !!!  How exciting !! Good luck to you, but you'll do great


linnpooh said...

This comes as no big surprise to long have I told you you have great things ahead of you??? I haven't read ahead yet to see how things went.....but I don't even need to. If you were involved, they couldn't have gone wrong.....I know you did a PERFECTLY, FABULOUS job. :)

Pooh Hugs,