Sunday, December 4, 2005

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It does sound like you enjoy your job.
Where do you work ???
Comment from hadonfield78 - 12/4/05 1:55 AM


Piercing Pagoda

It is a jewelry store (okay kiosk) in the middle of the mall!


hadonfield78 said...

thats pretty cool.
Ill bet you met alot of very interesting people there......

dazeychic said...

hey girl! Just coming by to say HELLO!

So, Hello!

Thanks for those super nice emails...

the one about the money crumpled up is perfect!

We still matter.

Yup, we do!

You rock chicka.

K, Im off to read your other entries...

Bub-bye for now!

xoxo ~Shells

New blog:

linnpooh said...

Have a nice week honey.....remember to put that chin up and remember how special you are. :)

Pooh Hugs,

trickeytricky said...

Have I mentioned that I love jewlery... hehehehehe.

Amanda :)