Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just a quick Hello!

My mood is really tired, exhausted, and surprised too!

I just wanted to drop a little hello and let everyone know that I am doing fine!

I have been busy with work and Christmas!

I am so exhausted!

I went out with Lisa and Laurie the other night and we ran into the lady that bought me a drink for my 21st birthday!

This lady (Edna is her name) didn't know me from a can of paint and when she heard it was my 21st birthday she bought me a $9.00 drink!

That was very generous of her!

I guess I never did stop by and let everyone how my birthday had gone!

Well when i got off of work Laurie decided that we would go to Ruby Tuesday's and get an apple martini!

So we did that then we stopped at a bar on the way to my house! (One of the most popular around here)

There they do this "buy one get one free" for your 21st birthday!

So I got a double shot of Hennessey and hypnotic!

Well that had me done!

So I went to McDonald's to get something to absorb the alcohol (BREAD) and go home and eat it and go to bed .... which I did not want to do because of all that fat laying in my stomach overnight then .... but it was either that or wake up with a terrible hangover and go to work with it!

I was fine when I went to work!

Well that was pretty much the extent of my b-day ... I got quite a few presents too ..... nothing from my family .... everything came from my friends at work ... they were the only ones!

How pathetic is my life?


Well nothing else really has been going on here other than working, sleeping, and eating!

I swear I have NO time for anything else!

Oh btw (by the way) my dad told me and mybrother to make a Christmas list of 3 things that we wanted!

He said that the total could not be over $100!

Which not to sound greedy or anything but I was kind of mad when he said that because he always "APPEARS" to have money all the time!

He even bought one of his co-worker's wife $100 worth of gold body jewelry at my store a couple of weeks ago and help pay for house repairs! (for no special occasion either)

But he tells me and my brother that we can only write down 3 things and it can not exceed $100 .... I was a little offended!

Well I told him there was only 1 thing I really wanted and he said, "what was that?"

"I want a digital camera"

"well there are some for under $100!"

"Yeah but I want one with a printer because your printer is always 'broken!' Then that way we will not have to worry about that. That's why I asked you black Friday if you would go buy that one at circuit city and I would have paid you back that night when i got home from work!"

"well write down what you want and we'll see. You already got a computer out of me, and that's supposed to be your Christmas gift!"


I was so happy when he said that .... I just hope he gets it!

I mean technically he could use it half as a birthday gift and half Christmas because he didn't get me anything for my birthday!

So we'll see what happens!

I was so surprised because my dad has not 'celebrated' Christmas in years!

He has always bought my brother stuff but not me!

I was shocked when he asked me to make a list as well!

Well I must go get more sleep!

I hope everyone's Christmas season is going well!


therealslimemmy said...

aw happy belated 21st sweetie...i'm right behind ya...although its kinda not all that exciting though because i've gotten into bars before...and i'm a mom now so i can be going out : /
oh well its not that important
hope you have a good christmas!
<3, emily

mastersblynn said...

Sounds like you are a busy girl!!! I want a digital camera too.  Maybe one of us will get one!!!! Barbara

trickeytricky said...

$9.00 for a drink!!! Turning 21 is expensive.... dang. :)


lici0uslatin22 said...

I want a Laptop...  To expensive Though..

I am Glad you got your drink on...  I love to get mines...  Lol...
were are you from.. ?
Take care Mari...

linnpooh said...

I'm glad you had fun on your birthday honey!! I'm also glad you got a lot of nice things from your special for you. :)
I hope you get your camera for Christmas.....I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!
Make sure you get enough rest and eat well while you're working so hard, okay?

Love & Pooh Hugs,