Monday, December 26, 2005

My Ear Piercing!

My ears hurt a little bit from the piercing I got!

I had to take one out already because they are not even ... and I of all people can not have crooked holes because people are always look at my holes, and if they see they are uneven, then they are not going to want to get theirs done there!

So I took it out today and I am having Tammy do it this time!

I am surprised that Angela (our regional) of all people messed it up!

Tammy and I are thinking it was just because she was trying to get it done and over with so she could go home!

So I am disappointed because this will be the 3rd (yeah, 3rd) time I had to get it done now!

I might have to take out my 3rd holes too, and get XL post because my ears really swelled up this time and the earrings are starting to go through my hole!

Enough of my ranting and raving my about my ear piercing!


It was hectic in the mall today!

Everyone in the mall returning their gifts, exchanging, spending their gift cards, and getting their ears pierced!

So it was crazy!

One of the girls at work has been at my throat all season at work only though, if we go out outside of work (like for my birthday to drink) she is fine!

But the second we are at the store together, she is at my throat about everything!

I told Tammy I can't wait until she leaves to go back to Canada this year!

She works at our 2 stores every year (and has for like the past 7 years ... I think that's what it is ... it might be 6) and goes back to Canada after Christmas!

I hate to sound that way, but everyone at work sees how she is with me this year, and they are all saying, "And you are not even doing anything to her! She is just very moody this year and you seem to be her target!"

I kept telling myself today, "5 more days, 5 more days, 5 more days and she is gone for a while!"

I keep thinking I am soon going to snap on her, and I did a little on Christmas Eve!

So when she came in today she NEVER, in the 1 1/2 hour overlap, said anything to me!

But did say something about me to Tammy like I was not there or that I didn't know she was talking about me!

I told Lisa, "She acted like I didn't know she was talking about me ... I was standing right on the other side of Tammy (who she was talking to)! I know she knew that I knew it was me she was talking about! I don't know if I can hold in my anger 5 more days. I have been doing just that ALL SEASON! So don't be surprised if I snap really bad on her, cuz she's got it coming to her!"

I always say, "Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated!"

You must give to receive right?



Oh well!

I'll shut-up now!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!


libragem007 said...

awww..5 more days and she'll be gone....that's good thinking and control..someone once told me you can't control other's action/reaction but you can always control 5 more her you're the better person :-)
Besides you don't want ringing in the new year you being mad.. or you'll be mad all year lol! (I think that's like an old saying or something)
Take care,
Gem :-)

mastersblynn said...

Oh go ahead and yell at her. she deserves it and you will get it out of your system, then you can say something like oh my gosh was that outloud? and laugh it off. Barbara

therealslimemmy said...

hope your ears feel better soon...i love piercing ears i would have done them for you...the worst was when people brought in their toddlers though, omg i cannot believe i managed to get them straight with a 2 year old kicking me in my stomach!
well ttyl
<3, emily