Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Christmas spirit and 2 LONGGGGGGG days until my 21st!

First of all .... let me just say, "looky looky here ...  look at what AOL has added to the ads...."

Ads are not an endorsement by the blog author.


Did you see that (that has not been there the whole time has it?)

Or am I just blind?

I think that is mighty nice of AOL to add that!


Okay anyways, on to more important things .....

my 21st birthday is on Thursday ....

so where are my presents people?


You didn't get me one?


What's the matter with you?

J/k ..... halfway! :)

I don't want to make a HUGE deal out of it because I am not the partying type .... but I did want to be able to get one drink on my 21st ... but I can't!

I want an apple martini! That's it!

I don't want to go to the club or anything ... I could go to ruby Tuesday's and get it there and be satisfied!

But I have to work until 10:30pm the night of my birthday and be back at work at 7:30 the next morning ... so I can't do that!

I can't even do lunch because I can't go to work "intoxicated!"

So I am screwed both ways! :(

I got one present from one of my friends that work at the mall tonight ... she got me "moonlight path" body spray and body wash!


I decorated my store today with Christmas decorations ... Lisa and I went shopping for them before we went into work!

We got garland, ornaments, a door decoration (i got a little wreath/bell greeter to match our ornaments and garland) and a little decoration to sit in the middle of our island counter!

For my stores garland I got this red, white, and green garland .... beautiful, with red, blue, green, gold, and silver ornaments, then I got a pack of five ornaments that were red with silver glitter, and for our "centerpiece" I got a fake poinsettia that had gold glitter on the leaves of the poinsettia and had green glitter leaves! Our door decoration ... was a silver metal wreath with red and green acorns hanging from it! Our store looks so good ... I'll try and take pictures and see if I can get my dad's retarded scanner working so I can post some pictures!

Lisa's store got gold (and silver?) garland, green and red ornaments, a pack of 5 red with green glitter ornaments, a ribbon with a small bell for their door decoration and a basket of all these cute winterish plants ..... both stores look amazing!

Last year we did not decorateall! I know .... how scroogeish (is that even a word?)of us? Oh well ... we definitely made up for it this year!

Happy holidays everyone!


swtdlphn24 said...

Happy Early Birthday...I know how you feel about not being ale to do anything...mine is the 11th and I also have to work it...But, I hope you enjoy it as much as possible.

~ Tina

lici0uslatin22 said...

Happy early Birthday..  Hope you get lots of gifts and hope everything is well w/u/..
Take care Mari

trickeytricky said...

Crap, I didn't get you a present.... what did you want again? :)



cdittric77 said...

Happy soon to be 21st birthday! Put up a wish list and we'll make sure to get you something!!

With peace and love,