Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!


I hope everyone had (or has) a good Christmas!

I know I actually did this year!

My parents got me some good gifts!

I got a digital camera, DVD player, and stereo from my dad

I got a pooh throw, 2 butterfly necklaces, butterfly earrings, butterfly bracelet (which all match), 2 butterfly knick knacks, some clothing items, a set of butterfly sheets, and a pooh light from my mom!

Lisa got me loads of things .... a breast cancer 2-minute toothbrush, a breast cancer purse with a matching little purse (I love to support breast cancer I buy breast cancer stuff all the time), a "paradise" calendar, a set of 3 gold nose rings (from our store), a Winnie the pooh tin, Winnie the pooh lip gloss to put on my key chain, Cinnabon lip balms (I LOVE CINNABON ... I need to go to park city soon for one), a pink panther shirt (she won me a pink panther at the fair this year .... she is the BEST), 2 packs of "Bling Bling" ... it is rhinestones to put on your cell phone (you can out it on other things ... I use it for my cellie), a pair of socks with cats on them, and then her kids got me a butterfly address book!

Melissa got me a butterfly planner!

My regional Manager wrote me the most sentimental card ... I almost cried the first time reading it, but I had to fight it off because I knew at any second we weould get bomb-barded with customers, so I held them back then last night I re-read the card and cried! She also got me a dragonfly keychain from "Things Remembered" with my name engraved on it ... I like dragonflies ... nothing like butterlfies though .... and oddly enough is our Logo at work!

So it was a very good christmas for me ..... as I wish it was for everyone else!

I even won $160 worth of jewelry at work!

I even got to pick out what I wanted.... I got a necklace and earring set (That I've wanted since we got it in a couple months ago) 2 gold belly rings, a surgical steel belly ring (Even though I'm allergic to it ... it was sooooooooo cute, I will only be able to wear it for a couple days then change back to gold), and a pair of gold earrings!

I also paid to get my ears pierced .... I got my third holes re-done and the one I had gotten a few months ago .... it was 1/2 way up my ear, in the cartlidge ..... the one I posted pictures of a few months ago when i got it done .... well I had to let it close and I got it re-done last night!

My ears hurt so bad!

Have a great christmas all .......

Sorry about all the side notes today!

I'm a little silly!


therealslimemmy said...

Merry Christmas...hope your ears feel better, lol
<3, emily

linnpooh said...

I'm so happy you had a wonderful Christmas, Theresa, I was praying you would! Your gifts sound awesome and must have made you smile from ear to ear when you opened them. I'm glad your Mom took some time for you this must have had so much joy in your heart and I'm crying just thinking about it. Hope your ears star healing...those are BIG Ochies!

Pooh Hugs,