Thursday, December 29, 2005

Answer to a few comments!

I know I need to be in more touch with my journal .... I have abandoned it a lot here lately! I have not been visiting anyone either! I never answer anyone's questions in my comments .... so I promise I will change that ... as much as I possibly can, considering I do not get my alerts for comments anymore so I have to go through the last 5 entries everyday! So I will start by the comments from yesterday's entry!      


Holy cow....I think I counted seven cats and two dogs?? Whoa....glad I don't have to pay your vet bills!! LOLOL! They are all so precious, though, and how lucky they are to have people take them in and care for them the way you have. That's a cute pic of Hunter, how does he feel having such a beautiful sister? :)

Pooh Hugs,
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linnpooh - 12/29/05 6:30 PM  

Yes that is right Linda 7 cats and 2 dogs ... I know it's a lot .... some people think that I will end up being one of those old ladies with 100 cats and dodging the health inspector .... I KNOW that I will never be that bad! I would not be able to do it ... no offense to anyone! I will limit myself to one dog and 2 cats .... nothing more! But my parents tend to be suckers for animals in trouble! Hunter does love me, he tells me all the time, like tonight when I came home from the movies he came over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "I love you Theresa!" But he does to call me fat and ugly a lot!    

cool pics, u have cute animals
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z7snowflake - 12/29/05 4:47 PM  

Thank you

I love animals myself.  I thought I had a lot with two dogs and a cat!  WOW!!  I'd love to have more, but my husband will kill me.  LOL.  Take care,
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chat2missie - 12/29/05 11:29 AM  

They are a handful ... they love to pick fights with each other ... mainly the cats ... they have territory issues! Chocolate hates fighting, but Tabby will growl at him and start a fight with him just because he wants to eat too!

wow you guys have a LOT of animals!!!  so cute!
<3, emily
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therealslimemmy - 12/29/05 7:17 AM  

A LOT is definitely right! But at times it's almost like having kids! (not that I really know what that is like)

I love your pictures and you have cool pets.  The brother looks nice too.  LOL you told him you couldn't take off his first picture.  Liar liar pants on fire LOL Barbara
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mastersblynn - 12/28/05 10:34 PM

HEY now ... he does NOT need to know that I can take it off .... as long as I don't tell promise NONE of you will tell .... he he he :)~ Let's keep it our little secret! I have a even more embarrassing picture and I black mailed him .... I told him if he did anything to really make me mad I would post it! He has been begging me to delete it off my computer, I use photobucket, and I told him once I download it off my camera onto the computer, it's PERMANENT!  


mastersblynn said...

bad girl, no biscuit. Barbara

linnpooh said...

I think all brothers are good for a few "fat & ugly" least mine always were and I wore a size 6!! LOL! They also called me "Bracey mouth brat" after I got my braces, too....BOYS!!!! :)

Pooh Hugs,